Release Times

When do the Titans episodes release? The app said 7 hours but I am able to watch it now. I saw reviews that were posted 7 hours ago? What do the times in the app mean?

The seven days include Friday of the latest episode until the Friday of the next episode, spanning a week. Then, on the last day, it may say 22 hours even if there is 21 hours and 1 minute left. Once in, I believe, the final 10 minutes, then the clock is in exact time.

As for the hour it is released, that depends on where you are located. The dominant clock says 2 a.m. p.t. (not quite the label, but should be close) pacific time, but I live on the east coast, so the show becomes available around 6 a.m. As of the time I send this, the latest episode of Titans has been available for almost 16 hours. Precisely, 3 minutes away from being 16 hours.

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