[Renegade Robins: Damian Wayne] Week 6: Life After Death [4/20-5/3]

Hello all and welcome to another session of the Damian Wayne Book Club here at Renegade Robins. Last time Damian learned some very important lessons from Dick and Stephanie. This week Damian finds a friend (and ally) and Batman and Robin confront several old foes, including one that appeared in the Retroactive 80s issue read by the JTBC a few weeks back. Let us begin this adventure shall we?

And a friendship is born…

DWBC Presents: A New Feature

Damian Wayne in Other Universes

Since there will be no new comics for awhile I’ve decided to replace “Son of Batman News” once a month with this feature instead. To get us started I thought I’d set up a poll to see what you all might like to see in this feature.

Which of these “other” Damians would you like information and comics or animated suggestions for?

  • Batman: Li’l Gotham U
  • Injustice U
  • DC Animated U
  • Other (Please List)

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Week 6 reading (8 issues)

* Batman #692-697
* Streets of Gotham #10-11

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you say the Reaper here compares to the one presented in the DC Retroactive 80s issue from a couple of weeks ago?

  2. Black Mask was up to his old tricks again from beyond the grave. Did his identity surprise you?

  3. What did you think of Damian"s detective skills in these Batman issues?

  4. Damian partners up with Colin in these Streets of Gotham issues. What did you think of their partnership?

  5. Damian is a skilled fighter but Zsasz still managed to best him at first. Why do suppose that was?

That’s all for this week loyal fans.

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  • Next week at the Jason Todd Book Club finds Jason…well you’ll just have to read to find out what happens.

  • And next time at the Damian Wayne Book Club Damian tangles with the Red Hood and his partner Scarlet in “The Revenge of the Red Hood”.

Why do I only sometimes get notifications? [×]

I’m just not feeling the Tony Daniel run. Something isn’t clicking.

It’s kinda weird, since he’s actually based on the Denny O’Neil Reaper from the 1970s, but he behaves more like the Mike Barr Reaper.

Do you mean notifications of club posts at posting or are you talking about messages sent to your inbox?

There’s also the fact that he’s being controlled and he’s also undead. Strangely enough I had the same reaction to him as you did @AlexanderKnox. He was this weird sort of amalgam of O’Neil and Barr’s Reaper.

Also I really don’t enjoy Daniels all that much myself so these issues were hard to get through.

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  1. No…because I read the Streets of Gotham issues first. :wink:
  2. It’s a fascinating dynamic that will undoubtedly be abandoned too soon.
  3. Because Paul Dini wanted to nerf Damian. :stuck_out_tongue:

As did I my friend. Actually I decided to keep on reading 'em just for fun.

Yeah it was great and abandoned entirely too soon as so much was with the reboot.

Come now why ever would he do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hard to compare in that the Reaper here had no real personality or drive outside of being a pawn.

This isn’t the first time I’ve read this, and I honestly don’t recall if the reveal surprised me or not. I’m not really impressed with the story here, anyway, I just find the art to be beautiful.

I liked it! It was awesome how he used his intellect in his appearances instead of being the brute force that he prefers to be. Which, I guess, is what Dick was going for.

That was fun. I think Damian works the best when he has other characters close to his same age to riff off of.

I think he pretty much admits it within the story - Robin underestimated Zsasz. When he realizes what he’s up against, he stops thinking about how wonderful he is and just lets off.

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