[Renegade Robins: Damian Wayne] Week 7: Revenge of the Red Hood [5/4-5/17]


Welcome fans of the Son of Batman to another session of the Damian Wayne Book Club here at Renegade Robins. This week we present to you the return of our old pal Jason Todd AKA The Red Hood along with some other zany villains, some unexpected heroes and one zombie Bat. So sit back my friends, grab a cuppa and lets see how Damian handles this encounter with the former second Robin.

Jaybird is suffering from Red Hood kitten loss. He misses his kitten. We’ll just draw one in for him.

Son of Batman News

New to DCU

Adventures of the Super Sons #10 (Coming May 5th


Teen Titans #30 (Coming May 19th)

Which Dynamic Duo would you chose for Gotham?

  • Red Hood and Scarlet
  • Batman and Robin
  • Gordon and Bullock

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Week Seven Reading (8 issues)

* Batman Annual #27

* Dectective Comics Annual #11

* Batman & Robin #4-9

Questions to Consider

  1. In the two Annuals we see Damian going under cover as one of the “Keys” needed to resurrect the Eighth Sinner. What did you all think of his disguise?

  2. Do you agree with the action he decided to take while he was kidnapped?

  3. Damian is continuing to learn under Dick’s tutelage. What did you think of the lessons Dick imparts in these issues?

  4. What did you think of Damian’s encounters with the villains in these issues?

  5. Which was your favorite story here and why was it your favorite?

That’s all this week. See you all next time!

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Next Time on RR: JT

Jason Todd is dead and here is the aftermath.

In Two Weeks on RR: DW

Damian faces challenges on all sides in “Batman vs Robin” and “Batman and Robin Must Die”.

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I’m not quite sure what to make of Grant’s take on Jason, but it’s probably better than the one in Battle for the Cowl. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@AlexanderKnox. To be honest I don’t like Grant’s take on a lot of characters myself but his Jason I really don’t like. I realise he’s likely feeding off previous writers but still I find his Jason whiny and annoying. (Funnily enough that’s a complaint people have made about Jason when he was Robin.)


I do like the Red Hood & Scarlet duo, though.

I just realized that DCU is missing the backup stories in the 'Tec annual. I need to find out what happened to Babs!

As strange as it sounds I like the Red Hood and Scarlet duo too. I think that Sasha was just what Jason needed at the time. I wish we could have seen what this partnership could have done for both of them. Some interesting stories could have come out of that I feel.

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I absolutely LOATHE this take on Jason Todd, and I’m so glad it didn’t take. Probably my least favorite Morrison story.


I was likewise glad it didn’t take. It was my least favorite take on the character even if I liked some aspects such as Jason and Sasha’s partnership.


In a story that otherwise didn’t do much to hook me (okay, it had Rene Montoya’s Question, but she’s canceled out by Azrael :stuck_out_tongue: ), Damian’s undercover work was the real highlight. Of course he’s the perfect person to pose as a snotty little rich kid!

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I really liked him here. He really fit the part of a snotty rich kid. It was kinda cool seeing him putting on the disguise too.

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Seemed perfect to me - and you have to be a master of disguise to be a member of the Bat family, don’t you? I did like the line of the role of spoiled & entitled (or whatever it was) wouldn’t be much of a stretch for him.

I think it’s easy to predict what Damian is going to do given his strong character, and Dick had included that in his plan. Plus, I was falling asleep while reading that second Annual, do may not remember exactly what you’re asking about. :slight_smile: I did like that Damian’s focus was on the kids despite of what Azrael was up to - I think that shows that Dick’s training is having a positive effect.

Oh! Um…see my answer above.

Well, it sure does suck he got shot, huh? Too bad Talia’s physicians weren’t around back when Bruce got his back broke. Would have saved us a lot of 90’s flavored comics.

I’m going to go w/ the Oracle back-up. I’m not an Azrael fax, and like I said above, I really can’t stand this version of Jason Todd. My head cannon says that’s not even really him.

It would be cool to know what happened to Scarlet, though.


Is it also worth noting that we’ve established in the Jason Todd sessions that he did not have dark red hair in his pre-Crisis appearances? Maybe it was light orange, but it was probably strawberry blond. I don’t want to say that Morrison relies too much on his own faulty memory with his callbacks to 1980s comics, but…