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Black Adam v Zod- Adam wins. Magic hurts kryptonions so Zod has a disadvantage.

Para v Anti- Anti wins. To big bad of the first crisis. Who else would win.

Trigon v Balckfire- it was hard to choose but my Trigon bias kicked in. Plus he’s beaten tamarainians before so he should be able to this.

Prime v Doomsday- Doomsday wins. He killed Supes he can kill another. Plus he’s my second favorite DC villain so have to root for my favorites.

Granny v Starro- starro. He’s the reason for the JL to form.

Hecate v Ares- non much care for these two so I just went with who I knew more about in DC and Ares won.

Mongul v Desp- Mongul wins. He has the war world so he win.

Sinestro v Bleez- Bleeze wins. Have to vote for my favorite Corp. so rage for the win.

It seems like the thing everyone forgets about that fight is that Superman WON. He just collapsed right after.


Oh guessed my mind crossed over BVS death with the comic one.

I mean, didn’t he also beat Doomsday in BVS? He just died while doing it.


my choices are the same as @DeSade-acolyte, except I have Despero over Mongul because Mongul’s a huge dork

(kinda wish i’d voted Prime because Doomsday is the most boring non-character since Boba Fett)


Yeah they both stabbed each other at the same time in the movie. So yeah I agree Supes still won.

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So, either Superman dies directly after the battle, or it was a tie and they both bought it. I still don’t see Prime lasting as long as Superman…he would need a lot more heart for that. So my vote’s still for Doomsday.


Really Starro?


My sentiments exactly.

And it was the second closest match. 61 to 39.

The only real tight one was Doomsday over SBP 52 to 48.

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I’m late! I will say my picks all won except for Despero. Black Adam because Zod is boring and vulnerable to magic, Anti-Monitor because he’s the Anti-frickin’-Monitor come on, Trigon because he’s Trigon, Doomsday because I hate Superboy Prime and Infinite Crisis is garbage, Starro because Starro is awesome (not that Granny isn’t awesome, but I just love that the Justice League’s longest-standing villain is just a giant starfish), Ares because Hecate’s never been as active or recurring of a threat, Despero because of his psychic powers, and Sinestro because he’s just a lot smarter than any Red Lantern.

SO now for this round:

  • The Anti-Monitor because he hasn’t stopped being the Anti-frickin’-Monitor.
  • Trigon because if anyone can find a way to get rid of a simple brute like Doomsday, it’s an interdimensional demon lord.
  • Starro because I’m rooting for the underfish. (Yeah, I can’t really justify this one, I just hope that STARRO LIVES.)
  • I think I wound up choosing Mongul because he’s fought Sinestro and won before. I do hope Sinestro takes it, though.

I’m in the same boat, I really thought Despero would have the advantage. I agree with your second round predictions for Anti-Monitor and Starro. I think Sinestro is popular enough to overtake Mongul, and I think Doomsday has LP so I’m betting on him no matter what.

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I’m betting anti-monitor has the LP.


I have the same reasoning for Starro. He stole the show in No Justice, and now I’m ride or die with him.

Anyone have a prediction for who has the Lazarus pit save? My guess would either be Black Adam or Ares

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It’s probably going to be Black Adam. The Trigon vs Doomsday could go either way. Ares will beat Starro and Sinestro will lose to Mongul. If Black Adam gets the Lazarus Pit save, it will be to make the other contestants on equal footing. Just my prediction.
But, does the Lazarus Pit save have to be used?

I think the LP is automatically activated if the chosen character loses the matchup vote.

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I think Doomsday’s got what it takes to crush Trigon. Sometimes sheer, uncontrolled power and rage is all you need.

Ares easily takes out Starro. Especially with how much more powerful he must be in this tournament setting. It even gives him the power of winning lots of votes. :wink:

Sinestro beats Mongul, as has already happened in the comics.

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I gotta take Trigon over Doomsday.

Trigon can destroy planets much faster than Doomsday also has magic to lift Doomsday in the air and immobilize him. Trigon can then beat on him magically or physically and there is nothing Doomsday can do.


So far Darksied is going better for me than joker.

Anti v Adam- Anti wins. Would be a cool fight to see.

Trigon v Doomsday- Trigon wins. Magic beat kryptonians.

Starting v Ares- Ares will be serving seafood tonight.

Mongol v Sinestro- mongol mainly for the fact Sinestro eliminated Bleez. Some nice revenge.

I’m starting to really, really hate these Lazarus Pit saves.

Trigon and Ares are easy picks, though.