Rewriting History- Week One: Superman

The Multiverse is infinite and endless (unless that pesky Anti-Monitor has anything to say about it). So it stands to reason that while other worlds will have citizens similar to the heroes we know, they will also be different in every imaginable way.

So let’s play with that.

Each week I’ll post a new Rewriting History thread. Each week will focus on a different DC hero. And from there each of us will take their origin, look at it for a moment, and then throw it out of the proverbial window and write a whole new one.

No rules, although I suggest each one be kept brief (probably five paragraphs or under), so that the threads don’t become too unmanageable. However, if you have a really good idea and need more space, then have at it. Imagination doesn’t need to be hindered.

So this week we’ll examine Superman and see what the Multiverse might have in store for the big blue boy scout. Here’s mine:

Jor-El was was a simple farmer on Krypton, living among the rolling hills outside Kandor with his wife Lara, and their son, Kal. It may have seemed like a simple life to the elites and the scientists in the city, but to Jor-El, it was all he ever needed. And then his wife was killed and his son was taken away from him in a vicious raid perpetrated by the terrorist group the Doomsday Cult.
Jor-El discovered that the Doomsday Cult had their sights set on a small planet in the next space sector called Earth. Over the course of a year they had taken a hundred children from Kryptonian farmers, experimenting on them to create a sort of super soldier that they could use on Earth, where they would already have heightened powers granted to them by the sun’s yellow light.
The small farmer spent every resource he had to find the Cult, to no avail, instead only finding himself at odds with the Kryptonian government. Ostracized by the global guilds, Jor-El was forced off world, banished from his home forever. However, in one of his last acts, he managed to find the whereabouts of the Cult: a secret base on Earth. He stole a rocket and fled, leaving his home forever.
Jor-El, angered by his findings, swore to find the Doomsday Cult, tracking them all the way to Earth after years of hunting Krypton. There, with his new found powers, he confronted his son, now a hideous monster controlled by the Cult’s leader, Deacon Zod. After a vicious battle, Jor-El defeated the Doomsday monster, however not without losing his son in the process. Grieving over the death of the only family he had left, Jor-El swore to find Zod and the rest of the Cult, while also protecting the Earth from the new and dangerous Kryptonian technology that had landed there, along with human villains such as the power-mad billionaire Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane, a reporter turned vigilante hell-bent on riding the planet of aliens after the loss of her father. With his new powers, and taking on the moniker of “Superman”, Jor-El’s life suddenly became far less simple, but with friends such as Lex Luthor, a once rich son spurned away by his industrialist father, Lori Lemaris, a budding young aquatic biologist, and James Olsen, a star reporter, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing.

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oOo What a fun idea! I’m excited to read more entries!

I want to see this happen now!!

There was another one I had considered using, and I won’t go into the idea too much since I already used one alternate origin for this week, but I will say that instead of landing in modern day Kansas, Kal-El would’ve landed in the early 20th century, finding a Metropolis run by the mob. Once he landed, he would’ve been found by Don Bruno Mannheim, and would’ve grown up to be a hitman for the mob. From there he would’ve been hunted down by reporter Lois Lane who’s determined to find out his “secret identity” and put him away for good, and formerly corrupt- but now reformed- mayor, Lex Luthor.

Now c’mon guys! You’ve gotta have some ideas for Superman, right? Even if it’s just a simple one line explanation, I wanna hear what you guys think and what other origins Superman could have.

Next week’s “Rewriting History” will focus on none other than the Caped Crusader himself: Batman!

I’ve considered a Superman and Zod being brothers one?

That could be a really cool one. Were you thinking more along the lines of them growing up together, or separately? Because if they grew 8p together (say with the Kents), Zod could easily be convinced that Kryptonian life was better than Earth life and take up more of a traditional role, but seen as if he were trying to save both planets in a sense. However, I’d they grew up separately, then it could be their upbringings that drives a wedge. Or they could even work together. I like this idea because of all the directions you can take it in.

Together. It’s the discovery of there famillies being two different houses that drive the, apart.

Here we go:

  • Orion is a New God and the eldest-born son of the tyrant Darkseid. Raised on the planet of New Genesis by the benevolent Highfather, Orion struggled to contain his innate rage until he met and fell in love with Bekka, the daughter of New Genesis’ most famous weaponsmith, Himon. With Bekka’s support and Himon’s tutelage, Orion became New Genesis’ most formidable warrior and a strong defender of peace, and so it was that when Highfather learned of a plot by Darkseid to invade a planet called Earth, Orion was sent to serve as a “vanguard” against the tyrant. Arriving on Earth via “Boom Tube” with Bekka at his side, Orion used his New God powers (super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, and the ability to generate energy beams channeled through his eyes) to rescue a group of Earth citizens from Parademons, prompting one of those citizens, a reporter Eve Donner, to dub him “the Superman”.
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