Ridiculous Fan Theories – Stargirl

  • Season 2’s big bad is obsidian, & Jade Joins the team. The Shade is helping

*Straight up Shazam joins the team, and we get the Khandaq connection with Teth Adam, Hawkman and Nabu, this all leads up to Black Adam jouning the ISA

*Since it’s on CW now Black Canary and Jessee Quick make appearances, as does John Wesley Ship’s Jay Garrick (the only survivor…cuz crisis)

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I think #2 could very well happen. Hell all of your theories could happen IMO. I defintely wouldnt mind seeing the Goregous Violett Beane pop up as Jessie

Shocking and important Season 2 plot points will be revealed in an episode that starts in a dystopian future where an Obsidian-powered darkness engine has nullified all superpowers. The long-depowered team manages to pull off an elaborate espionage mission and send a message to their past selves who then prevent the engine from ever being completed. Of course, the aborted timeline means the younger team are no longer privy to this information.

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That’s true and I want to introduce an idea that no one’s really been paying attention to that I came up with that rather than Shazam! they can have Air Wave be Courtney’s love interest. Air Wave is a legacy character whose father was the original and he’s the second, you may know him from the Green Lantern annual by Grant Morrison(or Infinite Crisis). He may not be too similar to Shazam! but his power set would be interesting to see in live action. He’s the cousin of Hal Jordan and is also named Hal Jordan. He is also the son of the original one who was in the All-Star Squadron and would allow for the show to bring in the likes of Jesse Quick. I’m not sure how old he is in the comics but I think he would be easy to de age for the show. Maybe I’m ranting, sorry.

Actually, Star’s love interest is Atom Smasher. Billy was the rebound guy.