Robin War (2015-)

Robin War (2015-)

I’m trying to read this Robin War storyline but there’s no reading order shown. It’s just two book ends.

I had to Google the reading order and then search for issues within the DCU app.

Would be nice if all the parts of storyline (books) were shown.

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Even when they are I check, b/c there’s always different ways u can go about it. They started putting em together, but they leave out the optional ones. I’m a heavy reader & I want as many issues as possible. So I usually, well I always read the fullest order possible. It ended up being a blessing in disguise b/c I also googled all the reading lists & put together full reading orders of probably 30-50 crossovers, optional reading orders etc. now I can just go back to my notebooks & I have the order I liked most forever.