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This thread is created for roleplaying
in a not so distant future many heroes have retired leaving only some heroes still working as heroes. (The rest have either died or retired) Until the introduction of “The Captain” to the public spawning a new age of heroes and a new team of heroes dubbed “The Calvary”. But as you know the brighter the light the greater the darkness a new group of villains has emerged a new “Legion of Doom”.
You can join factions such as “The Justice League” “The Calvary” “The Legion of Doom” The Amazons Police departments such as the GCPD the MPD etc. Or you can create your own.
You can only be in one faction at a time.
You can have a sidekick.(has to be an actual person)
You have to be an oc.
No nsfw allowed.
Cannot be a rip off of an already existing character.
No arguing with other members.
Do not make yourself over powered.
Can be a villain, hero, anti-hero, police officer, government agent etc.
Can be a Legacy Charcter but a new version ie jaimie reyes was a replacement for ted cord you can be a replacement for jaimie reyes
Cannot kill of dc super heros villains or any other dc character.
Can kill other peoples character’s as long as they agree to it.(can also fake your own death)
Do not make other people do what you want unless they agree to it.



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Hey @ismaelmunizv714.83701, going to move this over to the Fan Creations section for better visibility :slight_smile:


Just a note: I think you mean “Cavalry”?

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hey can I join?

I love roleplay

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I wanna rp

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Cool thread, lots of potential, I’ll be stopping by at least a few times a day for sure!

So, character creation:

Name: Jonah dark
Code name: Bear-trap
Faction: none
Sidekick: none
Job: anti-hero, robberies (usually scares civilians into giving him their money, he doesn’t mean to)
Location: never more than a few weeks in one place

•Usually a nice guy
•Goes where trouble goes
•Doesn’t harm civilians
•Against killing (he will if he has to)
•Willing to help civilians (if absolutely needed)
•great with traps
•excellent survival skills
•decent with a bow
•good with rifles
•decent with pistols
•shoots where it isn’t fatal

Appearance without suit:
•Brown hair
•trench coat
•Drives a white Porsche

Appearance with suit:
•gas mask (carries tear gas)
•a water resistant body suit, with a bear emblem on the back.

•climbing spikes (hands and feet)
•Tear Gas
•24meter paracord
•lots of various gadgets (one including a rusty batarang he found in an alley)
•more types of rope and fishing wire for traps

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Now, that was a handful! :hot_face:

I guess I’ll start off…

dodges bullet

“Not good!”

jumps to next building, and misses only to catch himself with climbing spikes

“How did I get the whole legion of doom after me!?”

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