[RR:Damian Wayne] N52 Week 1: Born to Kill [Jan. 10-23]

Hello @RenegadeRobins and welcome to a new year here at RR: Damian Wayne. I have a lot of exciting things planned for the year including the Robin Rises Event in the spring and a club crossover set of sessions between both Renegade Robins clubs where we will be reading and discussing Jiro Kawata’s Batmanga.

Right now though we are about to embark on Damian’s adventures in the newly minted N52 DCU and to start us off we will be taking a look at the first several issues of Batman and Robin Vol. 2. Can Damian manage to pass Bruce’s exacting standards for his Robins or will the two be in constant conflict over idealogies? Let’s find out.

To Read

* Batman and Robin (2011) #0-5

Discussion Questions

    1. What do you think of these issues compared to the first several of B&R Vol. 1?
    1. The first thing that struck me about these issues was the shift in the dynamic between the characters. What differences did you see here?
    1. Damain’s attitude seems to have shifted as well. Do you think he feels unsure about his new partnership and like he needs to prove himself all over again to his father?
    1. One of the complaints people had about Damian at the start of the N52 was that they felt he had been ‘reset’ to an earlier version of himself thereby erasing all his previous progress as a character. What are your thoughts on this?

And that’s all I have for this week.folks. See you next time here @RenegadeRobins

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Yes! I own the Omnibus for this!

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Hmm. Is it mere coincidence that the one Batman series I like from the start of the New 52 is the one that pretty much ignores the reboot altogether? :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, I can see why people would say that the story rolls back Damian’s characterization a bit, but I don’t think it’s any more drastic than it was when other writers in the pre-Flashpoint days would take on Damian and not quite live up to Morrison’s version of the character.


It has it’s fair share of retcons, though!

I think it’s understandable – he’s interacted with Dick a lot and become friends, having a good dynamic together, but he’s never really had that with Bruce and he’s having to start over fresh. Couple that with Bruce subconsciously looking at Damian like something broken, a regret, and is it any wonder that Damian regresses and acts up?


Damian never does well when he finds himself out of his comfort zone does he? He also does have a tendency toward acting out when he’s uncomfortable. There are plenty of examples of this throughout various books. It’s also when his smug superiority starts manifesting itself. Kid’s a real mess.

I would also like to throw in that he is probably also angry at Bruce for a whole lot of thing, including that he and Dick are no longer partners and maybe also at Dick for abandoning him.


I love it when that happens. :joy:

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Me too. I know others get annoyed with it but it’s really a defense mechanism for Damian. He feels uncomfortable in a situation and so he feels the need to ‘prove’ himself capable by talking about how capable he is.