[RR-Damian Wayne]Week 10: Collusion [6/15-6/28]

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This week we have a special guest here at Renegade Robins: Damian Wayne. Please welcome Red Robin and I’m not referring to the burger place. The last time Damian encountered Tim Drake he told his predecessor that the Batgirl mantle was still available. Let’s see if things have changed between them.


Sadly this won’t be the last time this sort of thing happens, Damian. That side of your family is completely crazy.

Damian Wayne in other comics

This month’s feature issues are from Gotham Academy.

  • Gotham Academy #7


  • Gotham Academy: Second Semester #11


I really wish this series had continued for longer because it was a fun series and I really enjoyed it. Drop a comment below if you liked the series or your thoughts on these issues if you like.

This week’s issues

*Red Robin #9
*Batgirl #8
*Red Robin #10-15

Discussion Questions

  1. These issues are the first time in awhile that Damian and Tim have interacted. Do you see any differences in how Damian treats Tim in these issues versus how he treated him before?

  2. Damian was disappointed that his grandfather only sent a ninja after him (and Batman as well) during the Collusion storyline. Why do you think he was disappointed?

  3. Damian just wants Tim to know that he’s changed. Did you feel badly for him when he discovers that he is on Tim’s Hit List?

  4. Damian is understandably angry at the above discovery. How did you like the fight between Robin and Red Robin?

And that’s it for this edition of the DWBC. See you all next time.

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It’s Red Hood starring as Nightwing!

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Batman and Robin return in “The Sum of Her Parts”.

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Ooh! A great week for Dr. Mid-Nite fans!

whisper whisper

Oh, that’s Tim? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well actually now that you mention it Doc Mid-Nite is gonna be a character of interest at the JSA Book Club this week as well. Sort of ironic really though not intentional.

And yeah that was a plug for my other club.

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Nothing quite like being underestimated by your grandfather.

Anyway, I enjoyed Damian’s cameo in this story, even if there was little room for him (or Dick) in this Gary Stu story. :stuck_out_tongue: (There I go again, badmouthing Tim. Sorry.)

Still and all I liked what little Damian was in these as well as Steph. I did feel like it showed some of Damian’s growth here.

So what did some of you guys think about Damian here @RenegadeRobinsClub?


Serve him vichyssoise next time, Alfred.

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I did like Damian’s line there. ‘Nattering’ is a great word.

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