[RR: Red Hood 13] Last Call: Nov. 9-20

The Renegade Robins Club concludes the New 52 era of Red Hood and the Outlaws! Roy gets burned by Kori (literally), and the surprises don’t stop there! We’ll even take a peek into the future with a Futures End tie-in! Discuss this story in the comments below!

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Here’s our schedule: 2020-11-09T06:00:00Z2020-11-20T06:00:00Z

Session 13 Selections (Seven Issues):
  1. Red Hood and the Outlaws #35
  2. Red Hood and the Outlaws #36
  3. Red Hood and the Outlaws #37
  4. Red Hood and the Outlaws #38
  5. Red Hood and the Outlaws #39
  6. Red Hood and the Outlaws #40
  7. Red Hood and the Outlaws Futures End

Poll Question: What did you think of Outlaws Vol. 1?

  • Pretty solid overall.
  • Decent, but not great.
  • Thoroughly mediocre.

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The @RenegadeRobinsClub will join Red Hood and Arsenal in two weeks! Next week, Damian Wayne teams up with some awesome, righteous, bossa nova allies! (Bossa nova?! Chevy Nova?)


It’s not the best REBIRTH, is the best!


We’ll get there in January. We still need to read the Red Hood/Arsenal series…very quickly.




All I can say is Cowabunga!

It was not the best series ever but there were some fun parts of it and a few call backs to Jason’s history.


I thought this selection was a pretty good ending to the series. Crux’s redemption arc surprised me, but I liked the little twist they did there. He’s probably the only person to actually get better in Arkham.

Blackfire continues to surprise me by not being evil.

The series had some ups and downs, but, overall, I enjoyed reading through it.


Yeah, it’s an odd choice. I’m not sure if I like it.

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It’s certainly different from what I’ve come to expect. Though, to be fair, most of my expectations of Blackfire come from the Teen Titans series that was on Cartoon Network when I was a kid. The show does the exact inverse of this where she seems good to start and everybody loves her then turns out to be evil.

The writers made an interesting choice here by twice making it seem she’ll be bad only to make her good by the time the arc is finished. Personally, I think the first time worked much better. The second time seemed, I don’t know, a little lazy?

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