[RR: Red Hood 14] Open for Business: Nov. 21-Nov. 30

The Renegade Robins Club starts the short-lived adventures of Red Hood/Arsenal! Will they make it without Kori? Discuss this story in the comments below!

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Here’s our schedule: 2020-11-21T06:00:00Z2020-11-30T06:00:00Z

Session 14 Selections (Six Issues):
  1. DC Sneak Peek: Red Hood/Arsenal
  2. Red Hood/Arsenal #1
  3. Red Hood/Arsenal #2
  4. Red Hood/Arsenal #3
  5. Red Hood/Arsenal #4
  6. Red Hood/Arsenal #5

Poll Question: How do you feel about this change in direction for the series?

  • I love it!
  • I hate it!
  • It’s okay!

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The @RenegadeRobinsClub will rejoin this dynamic duo next month! Next week, follow the further adventures of Damian Wayne!


I like the dynamic between Jason and Roy in these issues. It’s got a relatively fun story, but overall I think it’s just okay in near every aspect. Story, art, and dialog are all competent if just a little forgettable.

It seems like Underbelly could have had a little more of an arc before Roy eliminated him; I think there was something more interesting they could have done there.

The humor is a little too juvenile for me. I do have to give some credit for putting a fart joke as a title, though

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Scott Lobdell’s intended audience for these books has always been a mystery to me…

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