📺SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS📺 Young Justice! Sat 6/01 @8amPT/11amET

Circus shows are so much fun! Fun, but sometimes a bit tragic.

Good morning, @toonatonian!

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So true!

Hi toonatonian!

Clancy “DCAU Lex Luthor” Brown as Faraday! That’s awesome.

Got that superman temp tat

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Oh boy, Superboy. Using those Shields is a super mistake, if you ask me.

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He doesn’t look suspicious…

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Oh no, not at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Stettle down supes

Hey, Titano! Neat.

Bologna? Yuck.

I do love angry characters so much. I swear, you put a kid with a temper on screen and I have a new fave.

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Nice reference Robin.

“That roustabout?” Ha!

Prolly can take your masks of for the moment

Agreed, @Vroom! :laughing:

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Oh gosh, that transformation scene was so creepy.

What a creepy creep


He’s a creepity creep that did creep for sure.


I know, @Prof.Zoom! :anguished: Every second he is on screen creeps me out, and that’s definitely a good thing. He’s such a great villain!

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Hee hee, those lil’ bouncing Robin icons are cute.