📺SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS📺 Young Justice! Sat 6/21 @8amPT/11amET

Whoa, this is some very mature relationship happenings. Deep Miss Martian.

Ah gotcha, thanks Z. Blue Beetle’s having a rough time of it.

I’ve always loved how they don’t shirk from the mature themes. :slight_smile:

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“Hey, I was gonna do that!”
“You can still… knock them out?”
“Oh yeah!”

I’m a few seconds behind you, it seems. Whoops! XD

Oh I’ll pause for a few sec!

It’s no problem at all. ^^ I just noticed I was a second off. I think my trigger finger was a bit slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly, do you think, as a human with no superpowers, you would go up against a bunch of aliens?

It depends on how much they tick me off. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha oh dang!

Z, you’re really owning this episode.

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I do love the episodes where Z flexes her magic muscles. :smiley:

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HAHA! The Reach is so mad. XD

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Hahahaha right? ! So pouty :joy:

Poor Impulse was snubbed hard.

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He got that highfive just as I hit enter. >.>

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Not as hard as Lagoonboy :frowning:

That’s how they get you!

To be honest, I’m not that concerned with Lagoonboy. I much prefer Superboy with Miss Martian. :smiley:

Exposition FTW!