Save Swamp Thing....and the rest of DC Series

I think we can reach common ground in agreeing that Swamp Thing has been an amazing horror comic series, in much the same way that Doom Patrol has been an amazing comedic horror series, and Titans an amazing drama comic series each of which in live action form.

These live action series have been, in my opinion, better than any of the major film adaptations.


I love the comic aspect of this service, bit if all else fails, MOVE THE LIVE ACTION SERIES TO NETFLIX US AS WELL. The comic aspect is only going to appeal to so many people, but these live action series are missing a lot of potential viewers by being limited by YET ANOTHER subscription service in an already over saturated market.

Food for thought. What do you guys think?


The DCU Originals are one of the things that separates DCU. It’s a DC landing pad.

Given that WB is starting it’s own service I think you’ll see these shows showing up there at some point.

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DC Universe’s future is not currently n jeopardy.

How many times does that have to be said?


Live action shows are expensive to produce. (If the estimate on ST budget is correct at 80million. That’s a big number to recoup) focusing on live-action that is marketable is a good strategy. ST & possibly DP (since I don’t think it has been picked up yet either) may only have a limited market appeal. Are they great for fans, sure. However, that doesn’t mean they are long term viable, if the dollars don’t add up.

The streaming service market isn’t overcrowded yet, it’s actually not quite large enough yet, but, it’s already making headway into the cable tv market. That is the market they are going after for now.


Shows that make money don’t get cancelled. Now out two and two together.

@DJWolfman If only real life were as neat and tidy and simple as that…


Not Netflix! I hate the way they run shows. It has to be HBO.

@DigificWriter Oh, i’m right there with you. It’s getting tiring telling people the service isn’t in jeopardy, but you have those who are unwilling to listen and give in to wild speculation and internet rumor.

Warner Media is starting their own streaming service. Why would they move these to Netflix?

Warner Media can absorb DCU to compete better with Disney+.

@E-Dot Because to a lot of people wanting them to move to Netflix, they want that because then they would just have to pay for one service, not two. And that is perfectly understandable. But business decisons are not “what with total disregard to our bottom line would save people the most money”. We all wish there was one master service that everything we wanted to watch was on for one low monthly payment. But businesses don’t work like that. People are going to have to accept that the days of getting everything in one place for the time being, if not forever, are over. We are not going to get everything we want for 15 dollars a month. We don’t have to like that, but it is the reality of the situation.

DC Universe’s future is not in jeopardy, so the series and comics that are here aren’t going to PERMANENTLY disappear.

Movie Web is claiming WB is planning a Swamp Thing big screen movie

^ Fake.

There is some money issue going on here, and something that WB is going to do a stream service which this may or may not fold into. There are too many plates spinning but SW is an Awesome show and they should keep it going for at least one more season (Oh to win the lotto)

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BrightKing. That was the plan for the Del Toro movie a few years ago that ended up getting canned. Either they are resurrecting that or movieweb’s sources found old information.

^ Movie Web’s “source” is We Got This Covered, which is a known purveyor of BS and clickbait articles that frequently cite employees of the website itself as “insider sources”.

Believing anything from We Got This Covered is akin to believing in crackpot conspiracy theories such as those peddled by ultra-conservative/right-wing radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.


There may be some truth that if you aren’t somewhat computer savvy you might not as easily watch these shows on your TV.
Would totally pay for movie tickets to see this. Granted they may not get the same actors because they may get other jobs, but think DC should try to as much as possible. Could develop into more like a cult following like Star Trek did. Off topic - did anyone see the news about Marvel and Disney and its own park? Hope DC teams up with Universal (or someone). WB already has HP, a few more rides would be cool (just don’t make the ride as scary as Walking Dead universal, cripes that is too scary when it’s not Halloween).