Awesome show I really have to hand it to the writers ,creators the visual effects artist, special make-up effects artist, entire cast and crew and all who had a part in giving us a glimpse of what had could have been a wonderfully Wicked series. When I first heard that they were going to make a new series of Swamp Thing I was pretty stoked about it. Finally the correct adaptation ,the horror element the comic book Element and even the comedy is all perfect. As a dedicated fan thank you for the work that you have done, and please reconsider, reevaluate and recognize that SwampThing deserves more than one season!!!


If it’s not making money, or even just breaks even, why would Swamp Thing deserve a second season.

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It deserved a better shot than titans honestly. Swamp Thing is a very different show from the rest they’ve made, and the way the moderators act like we’re supposed to be grateful for teen titans outsiders and star girl as some sort of consolation feels like a slap in the face. It’s very dismissive.


Who says it’s not making money or even breaking even? I’m pretty sure Swamp Thing is considered to be the BEST live action TV series available on the DCU.


Yeah how is something cancelled with its simultaneous release supposed to make money?


Swamp Thing is far higher quality than Doom Patrol and Titans but Doom Patrol caters to the LGBT community which covers a chunk of DCU’s base.

Swamp Thing just has clever down to earth writing which makes it more relatable than Titans/Doom Patrol which tend to go over the top - as their storylines call for it but who really will watch Titans or Doom Patrol if it were on normal cable tv? However, if Swamp Thing was on Sy-Fy or the like, it would fit right in because it doesn’t try too hard.


@Brendanthebattlestag I’m sorry but where in the world did you get the idea that the moderators feel like we have to be grateful for upcoming shows? How is it dismissive?

I understand you’re upset that Swamp Thing got cancelled, but look at it this way…you’re still getting this show. It’s not like it was pulled off the service after the first episode. You still get new episodes released weekly. You still get the enjoy the story and the wonderful work the cast and crew put into this.

The moderators have been saints in dealing with all the adults acting like children, stomping their feet and throwing temper tantrums over a show. Some of the attitudes of the people on this board are unbelievable.

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The likely reality is Swamp Thing is a very niche market. Fans are hardcore but that isn’t a big enough base for the show to appeal beyond its mostly targeted base.

Also at 80 million, I’d wager it might be the most expensive show DCU Originals show as well.

If they can’t sell it to Netflix international, HBO international, or the like, it’s a show DC decided to do a season of and see if outside markets were interested. By all accounts, since it hasn’t been picked up internationally, DC is gonna take a bath and absorb the loss.

Yes, there are fans who want more. Of course they do. But, they don’t want to look at financial realities or kick open their wallets wide (say 2k a pop) to make the show happen either.

ST fans have got the best ST to date, but, for that a tiny bit of appreciation is worth it. And some of that appreciation needs to go to the folks that cut the checks in the first place. They took a big financial risk on laying out 80 million to make a show that a fan base really wanted. The risk didn’t pay off. Swamp Thing isn’t that appealing to a larger demographic.

Get over it already. It’s done, the decision has been made. Deal with it or go get therapy.

Would you burn even more millions of dollars just to placate people. If all the people threatening to leave DCU because of no second season of Swamp Thing actually left, I doubt it would cost 1 million dollars. Probably far less, but let’s say it’s a million.

If it was your money, what would you rather lose, $1 million or $79 million?


Thanks for proving my point guys.

I’m not sure what was “proved” other than stating not to disparage the moderators and DeSade talking about the economic factors in play.

Would I love Swamp Thing to come back for another season? Sure. Was I happy with how this whole situation played out? Nope. But I also know these hashtags, petitions and temper tantrums aren’t going to change the matter at the moment. It’s just screaming into a vacuum.

But if you feel your point was proved, more power to you, buddy.

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I know we probably won’t get a second season but never say never. I could care less either way but I’m not going to keep anyone from hoping, so long as they’re not too whiney about it.

Anyway, I basically came to point out the fact that it’s the best DCU show, it may not have the craziest characters but it has the best writing by far and it’s the most level headed show.

If we air DCU’s shows on regular tv, barely anyone will watch Doon Patrol or Titans but everyone will watch Swamp Thing because it’s the type of show that attracts all types of audience - horror, action, mystery, science-fiction and being the norm.

Unlike DC’s typical shows, we’re not seeing super heroes in tights and wearing capes or abstract stories so it’s far less niche than than Doom Patrol or Titans.

Swamp Thing is the first (and current only) DCU show to capture a wide audience, hence the topic trending on Twitter, if we’re being honest, we know that wouldn’t have happened with Doom Patrol or Titans as this isn’t about the timing but about what show generates public interest. People are just more interested in Swamp Thing.



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YES PLEASE SAVE SWAMP THING! DETECTIVE COMICS UNIVERSE I’M TALKING TO YOU! Also why does everybody say “DC Comics”? They’re literally saying “Detective Comics Comics” lol.

DC Comics as it’s official name didn’t occur until 1977. While is pays homage to Detective Comics. (It was colloquially called DC Comics for decades going back to 1940. However the DC comics as a publishing brand did not occur until 1977)

I can’t stand “fan” boys who’s loyalty is for the brand and the brand only. Art can be tossed aside and a clump of brand-named dirt placed in their hands and they will praise it’s “godliness”.
Swamp Thing’s lack of financial feasibility is obviously due to it’s outstanding quality. Future seasons could never be filmed in under a month like Titans or any other cookie-cutter CW show. These execs we’re to bow down and pay homage to do not care for art, but for lining their pockets. There are top guys within this company, top of the business and top of society, stand-up gentlemen, who are the reason Swamp Thing got a chance. They’re fans of the stories. Loyal to the art. They deserve applause.
However, those with more power and less character have once again shot down greatness so their wall of trophies of death can expand. And I’m sure they relish being pat on the back by those loyal to what they own but have not created. Maybe even handing their loyal dogs a branded tissue for wiping their browned noses.
#saveswampthing #firetomking

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Neither Titans season 1 nor any of the CW shows were filmed in a month. I don’t know where that is coming from.


I don’t wanna get into the politics of cost etc. but I’ll happily put my name down as someone who would love to see this show continue. Money and ownership and all other issues aside. It’s a great show & id love for it to continue.


Of the three live action series so far Swamp Thing the least interesting. It has some great practical SFX, I will grant that but it’s far from great art as a video medium.

And for those who don’t want to acknowledge the money issues facing it, whatever. The show’s cancelled.

Hopefully it will return when the Swamp Thing “fans” can show they care enough to actually pay real money for it.

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When is there going to to a feature to block other members, so I don’t have to see all of their condescending post?


Find a new location for swamp thing but please don’t cancel the show… It is absolutely great and moving with great momentum. Sincerely Nano Nerd… Also as an aspiring comic book writer, I hope to be part of DC comics one day.