Scarecrow from Batman Begins

I think cillian Murphy did a fine job as well. And I agree with what you said about the costume- if they went with the original BTAS design or Gotham design it would be even better. Although, while he did play a little backseat to ras in first film as someone else had mentioned I felt that was kind of intended. However, since we have had a joker film I do feel it would be nice if we got a scarecrow film too. Since DC is now doing villain films. One that goes into the origins of scarecrow. That would be cool to see.

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The scarecrow is hands down my favorite villian. The joker instills fear with his randomness… but the scarecrow, you know exactly what’s gonna happen… your gonna live your worst fears and nightmares.

The problem is… his look. The concept of the scarecrow is scarier than his costume. We grew up with horror movies and slashers, so a guy in a scarecrow getup is kinda cheesy nowadays.

My opinion… run him much like the alien in the movie alien. Where you never really get a full shot of the character, but instead you are shown the effects he has. A screaming patient, body after surgery, things that show us a monster who lives on fear, but we are never really shown what causes the fear, we arnt really shown him… until the end, where he is ultimately defeated when batman brings him into the light, and rationalizes the phobia around the myth.

“Once you bring a monster into the light, you no longer have a monster”


It’s definitely not the best Scarecrow look, but it’s also not the worst (I’m not a fan of the Gotham one or the second in B:TAS which has those stupid looking teeth). It honestly never bothered me though because he doesn’t get much screen-time as the Scarecrow. He’s either just plain Crane, or some fear induced version and the toxin does the job of making him scary.

Also, I think that if fit’s with Nolan’s “realistic” aesthetic. He’s a psychiatrist who messes with his patients, so he can’t walk around with a full costume or something too obvious. If someone ever looked in his bag, it just looks kind of like a sack.


I really liked Murphy’s Crane/Scarecrow in Batman Begins. I do wish he had more of a role in The Dark Knight. I was very disappointed that he was reduced to a minor role thug in The Dark Knight. A rivalry between Joker and Scarecrow for Batman’s attention would have been sweet. Like Scarecrow wants revenge and gets in the Joker’s way or something.

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