SEC Watchalong: 🦇Batman Beyond🦇 Eps 12-13 09/28 @7:30PM PT/10:30PM ET

Batgril training never goes away


I was thinking the same thing, @DhruvGrayson! Also, the way she holds his arm to make sure he’s safe. I love every second of this.

Haha she just cut the cord

The sword was under your ropes, Terry.

Only Barbara could so casually walk into the Batcave. :smiley:

Bruce is good.

I like that she becomes a cop. no killing joke in this timeline

This Bruce and Barbara thing Bruce Timm wrote was really cringey. I unsee it :frowning:

Haha “Tight as a coffin”

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Damn it Jack

“No one would be crazy enough to take on all these…”

Spoke too soon, Terry.

This batsuit was sooo cool

It’s one of my absolute favorites, @DhruvGrayson!

How close is she? Come in. Come in she did :joy:

Expect the unexpected, Curaré!

Oh man

Good one, @DhruvGrayson! LOL!

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Not Terry’s proudest moment, to be sure.

Whoa Terry got out in style