Seriously where is the content?

No Henry Cavill movies? Where is the content guys?

I’ve been a subscriber since before launch…I wont be for much longer without some serious updates to the content provided.



I know! Where’s Hellraiser: Hellworld, DC? :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, the content that would be on this site has been available since before launch. They’ve always maintained and made it very clear that the DCEU films won’t be on here. But where’s the content? There are literally hundreds of thousands of comic books to go through. Seasons of some of the best shows on television. Plus, a rotating cycle of other great films! If you just want DCEU stuff, then you probably should just wait for HBOMax.


I agree. Content is constantly rotating, and getting added to.


Call me crazy, but many of us who have been here from the beginning know why we don’t have the DCEU films on here. It’s been addressed many times before.


Yeah, I was thinking that too haha. Good point!

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Also, the OP’s profile says they joined in November. Whether that’s November of this year or last year, that’s still well after the service launched.

I’m not here to cast doubt, but…come on…


I cant speak to why my join date wouldnt be accurate. I signed up pre-launch and paid the full year up front to get two months free (if I recall). I’m glad that there are comic books for those who are into it. I haven’t read a comic book in 30 years probably unless you count the couple I have read to my kids and frankly I have zero interest in reading a comic book on my phone or on my TV screen. I enjoyed holding the actual comic. If you want to say its “my fault” for not having been up to speed on what content was being offered thats a fair point IF its true that at the time of my purchase the information was available. Pardon me for ASSUMING that something called DC UNIVERSE might actually entail the UNIVERSE that is their content. My DC COLLECTORS subscription went bust when the company tanked and sadly I think that this “streaming” platform will be short lived. I’d love to be wrong because I enjoy Titans and Doom Patrol even with its bizarre season. I just started Swamp Thing but am irritated that its cancelled already and when the NEW content is so sparse and the existing content is so limited it sucks for a show to get canned. I wanted to share some Superman with my young kids and bounced over here hoping to show them…oh well…1970s Superman til Disney buys DC I guess. :wink:


Here’s an article from 2018 that makes it clear that the DCEU selection will not be complementary with the service. So, yes, before DC Universe even went into alpha, it was well known that the DCEU wasn’t included. I’m not trying to be snarky or condescending, but I do find it a bit absurd to complain about a service not offering what you wanted when it was known before that service was even existed. On top of that, this same thing has been reiterated by DC Universe staff multiple times. I’m sorry you’re not satisfied, but I just don’t understand why I would ever pay for a service like DC Universe if I didn’t care for a major part of it (the comics) and knew it wouldn’t have other things that I wanted. I mean, if all you cared about were watching the various shows, it’d be cheaper to just purchase or rent them than pay an annual subscription of 80 dollars (and I am including the DC Universe originals as those are available to purchase physically on DVD and Blu-Ray at places like Walmart. You claim you want the DC UNIVERSE from this service, but clearly that’s just not true. Hope this clears up any of your confusion. Enjoy HBO Max. :smile:

Article: DC’s streaming service will be a one-stop shop for its TV shows, movies, and comics - The Verge


Like ive said before, even if DC had everything in their library available, they would still have to make like 5 shows or movies a year to keep people happy and subscriptions high enough to to make it worth it as a company

Disney isnt just offering Marvel movies, they have loads of other content to pull from

Archived content appeals to the hardcore fan only not enough people are binge watching old stuff…if they were, Netflix would never have to make original shows and movies

This and “This is the first time rreedtcu.2358 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”

You were a subscriber before launch!? The topic itself called you out. :rofl:


It is well known that “friends” and “the office” are the two most streamed content Netflix has.

Yes, Netflix is creating/licensing new content. That is trying to compete with Amazon and now D+ and shortly HBOMAX. Much if their content isn’t owned by them. The are some DC properties that owned by WB, Michael Uslan owns the film rights to Batman, BATMAN 66 isn’t owned by WB at all. DCU Doesn’t get content for free, they have certain licensing deals from r content. Swamp Thing was known to be cancels some 7+ months ago, so if you are finally getting around to watching that and are perturbed that it only got one season, that is one show that was well known to only have ac10 episode season long before you admit to having started it. So if you are annoyed by that fact, you have only yourself to blame.

DC universe, like its comic book counterpart is just that a universe, it is not DC multiverse. If you don’t think it is of value, did you reup you subscription after your initial subscription expired? If so, what you ask for and the video limitations have been on display in the app since the beginning. So pleading ignorance of certain things not being on the service and assuming they will be, is really on you. If you don’t think the video content is worth the subscription price, fine, that’s fine. You are free to take your business elsewhere.

DCU has made their video polices quite clear. If you choose to ignore the facts of those policies, that is on you, not DCU.


Article: [DC’s streaming service will be a one-stop shop for its TV shows, movies, and comics

The article says it’s a ONE STOP SHOP for its TV SHOWS, MOVIES, and COMICS.

It doesnt matter to me whether they mentioned it or said it or even shouted it from the rooftops…the fact is that the content is lacking (Movies especially) and I think that the service is in bad shape. I dont think it will last and that sucks. Something else I’d love to see them do is to have PG versions of their shows. It could be done in post and allow for folks with young kids, like myself, to share shows like Titans with them. I enjoy the darker subject matter and I’m glad its “adult”, but I would also appreciate some creative editing to allow my kids to enjoy the series as well.

Yes I was a sub before launch and yes this is the first time I’ve bothered to post about the content being a disappointment.

Member since Sept 2018. Can I get a cookie now?

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Yeah you’re not wrong that I could have watched Swamp Thing sooner and perhaps they were one person short on renewing it for a season two :wink: so yeah that’s one me. The reason…to be frank…is I dont care about Swamp Thing. I’m watching it because it’s something to watch on here and since I’m paying (and yes I re-upped) I figure I’ll make the best of the content that’s available.

Point is though that in the ever expanding streaming market…the services are going to be forced to provide better/more content or they will fail. Currently, if I decide to cut my expenses DC will be the first to go.

I already have full blown UVERSE lineup, Prime, Netflix, and Disney+…its harder and harder to justify DC.

There was talk about a Superman series possibly coming here with Cavill out as Superman, but that didn’t go anywhere.

It is a one stop shop for DC comics, tv shows and movies… I suggest you explore the site a bit more. There is A LOT of content. The content isn’t lacking, you just only care about ONE part of DC. A part that they were very clear wouldn’t be on the service. Take some responsibility and own up to the fact that you didn’t do your research. Cancel the service, stop complaining, and buy HBOMax. No one really cares. As for the kids content, sure censor it I don’t care, but outside of the originals pretty much the entire service is kids friendly.


Closing this topic to prevent in-fighting. Every fan is entitled to their fandom and what they want to see from DC Universe. Thank you all for your feedback, happy with the service or otherwise :slight_smile: Don’t forget, we’re all here because we’re DC Fans!