Shazam Discussion

This discussion focuses on everything SHAZAM! I feel he does not get a lot of attention and is a very minor hero in the scheme of things. Therefore, because I can relate very well to Billy per real life as I am adopted so I know what kind of life that can be and because I have actually had the pleasure of meeting my childhood hero in real life, I would like to have a discussion on everything surrounding SHAZAM’s character. Discussion is now open :slight_smile:


I think Shazam was a great show, it’s a very rare show where a Superhero show is educational. That’s really cool that you’ve met the 2nd actor who played Captain Marvel.:grinning:


I think he is highly rated and loved.

My favorite storyline where he has a major role is JSA Princes of Darkness.


I think he portrays many morals moreso than others. He is not the normal hero like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. The irony in making that statement is that he is created and endowed by the Gods as Wonder Woman is as well.

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Last summer I worked in Denali National Park, in Alaska. It’s very remote, so you find ways to entertain yourself. One of the things I enjoyed doing was hosting movie nights. They had a projector and a sound system in the dining hall that you could plug into- one of the films I showed was Shazam.

I love Alamo Drafthouse: if you have one, you know what I’m talking about but if you don’t- they know how to make movies into events. For certain screenings, they give gifts related to the film and before the movie show clips related to what you’re watching. So that’s what I did- I gave out free comics and put together a short playlist of clips. These:


That sounds like such a good time! I’m sure everyone appreciated the effort you put into it. I love that you gave out free comics too, that’s so nice! :relaxed: