Shazam or Joker

Joker for sure!

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Shazam!!! Although I’m very intrigued to see what they did with The Joker movie

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Both! However Shazam has the edge. The concept of a kid becoming not only an adult but a superhero should be hilarious. It’s essentially “Big” with Tom Hanks

Phoenix has big shoes to fill. I am looking forward to his interpretation though, I think he’s a great talent

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I’m hoping Big has a sequel called Little where an adult acts like a kid. That would describe me.

Shazam by far. Zac Levi is one of my favorite actors. But both will be good!

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Shazam looks alright but I’m not a big fan of the character and most of the humor isn’t for me

Definitely SHAZAM! I find with each new story on the joker I just have a confused look on my face as I hear it.

Also @abfgmsw that is actually a movie coming out.

That is awesome.

Just went on Wikipedia. Big is not showing having a sequel in production. Where are you getting the information?

@abfgmsw, @IssacBrown was only wishing it would happen.

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Shazam! I can’t wait to see the new movie

Shazam because my boy Billy Batson is finally having his moment