Shazam the animated series

Just wondering what people would think of a Shazam/ Captain Marvel, animated series. I’d love to see something like this. Pros and cons? Possible scenarios? What does everyone think?


It would be tough don’t you think? Shazam might have the smallest rogues gallery in DC.

Sounds like it would be fun especially if it zigged while the current Shazam thing is zagging. In other words, instead of leaning into the kiddie humor lower the volume on that and go with an updated retro vibe drawing from the Golden Age Fawcett stuff like Mr. Mind, Ibac, Sabbac, and the Monster Society of Evil.

They can’t both do retro Fawcett Captain Marvel and time down on the “kiddie humor”: “Captain Marvel Adventures” stories regularly dealt with the goofy and the ridiculous in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. It’s the one element most modern creators avoid when revisiting Shazam! because it’s not easy to match the ease with which Otto Binder jumper from adventures in alternate worlds to Cap helping Mister Tawny as he struggles to go on a diet.

The Shazam! rogues gallery is actually fairly expansive. Dr. Sivana, Black Adam, Mister Mind, Captain Nazi, Mister Atom, Ibac, Sabbac, King Kull, Chain Lightning, the Crocodile-Men, The Arson Fiend, etc.


That would be hard to do. He would need better villains, Black Adam and Sivana aren’t enough

@btouch, You’re actually wrong because the Golden Age Fawcett Comics were breezy but they weren’t winking at the audience either with snarky comments at the ready every time something out of the ordinary happened. Go back and read some of those books because while Binder’s stuff was great it isn’t hard to replicate.

@Jason322 I read the old Fawcett comics all the time. A good number of the stories are indeed written on multiple levels with winks here and there at the audience. Obviously “snarky” wasn’t really a writing style in the 1940s/1950s, but a good number of the stories are satirical and/or self-aware in tone. It’s actually not hard for modern writers to duplicate; it’s just something that’s hard to get approved and published in modern comics in a way that lines up with what Binder did without slavishly copying it

Which is why my original point stands that a proposed Shazam cartoon can be breezy without automatically leaning on winking humor. Just tell the story and let the humor come as it will just like those Binder stories.

Heck, I’d be fine if a toon version of the serial was made complete with a Cap throwing thugs off bridges and rooftops.

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I would be all for it. I would also like it to tie into the movie. Almost how they had the Ghostbuster cartoon back in the day. Shazam Short on DC Nation was reaaallly realllyy good! I’m down.

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Animated, yes. Live action, we’ll see how the movie goes. :rofl:

Shazam is one of my favorites so YEAH!

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There WAS a Shazam! Animated Series. It lasted for 1 season. It was part of “The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!” (No joke, that was the name of the show.) It was originally supposed to be the Archie characters reimaged as superheroes and The Marvel Family, but Filmation lost the rights to the Archie characters.
Now, what I want to know is – the “Hero High” episodes have been released, but not the Shazam! episodes. Which were the only on screen appearances of Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.
So why haven’t they been released?

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