Shocking Batwoman News

Agree. A little something never sat right w/ me when I heard she was cast. I like Ruby Rose, but I think we can do better for Kate. There’s more to her than Rose’s abilities. (Apologies to her fans. She was a little weak on OITNB too, tho)
In the end, I just don’t want it to end up getting cancelled! There’s so much potential.

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I wonder if they start season 2 with Kate going a whiteish blonde, Alice color or purple. Something not black. Have Luke make a comment of surprise and her come back with “sometimes you just have to do something different.”
Leave that color for a few episodes, then have her change it back to black. With the comment “change is good but this is who I truly am.”

I think the Alice blonde could work really well. As in “I’m really trying to get into her thinking” as the excuse.


All we can hope now is that they cast someone within the community that can represent Batwoman as Rose did.


How about redesigning her awful costume?

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Given that Luke knows about the kryptonite problem, it’s a possibility.

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