Should Joker get a sequel?

I don’t see how that movie could work with a sequel. I mean I would watch it and give it a chance if they did, but I think it clearly was meant as a stand alone, so should probably stay one.

Although some have given suggestions of having the movie star the same actor but tell an entirely different origin story. Sort of how the Joker’s origin in the comics is “multiple choice”. But not sure that would resonate with the masses, and for it to do even remotely as good as the first one it can’t be something only hardcore comic fans would appreciate.

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A friend of mine suggested an intriguing idea. It would be interesting if they did origin films for other villains, but still have Phoenix star in them. So he could play the Riddler, then Mr Freeze, for example. That sounded kind of cool to me and could be compelling for an actor.


I don’t think that all the other characters would work in the joker setting though… it’s a bit too dark to do a wacky concept like that

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Yes, exactly. Each movie would need a completely different tone, so cool acting challenge if nothing else.

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You know doing an dark R rated more “artsy” Mr, Freeze movie like they did The Joker could work well with the right script and actor.


While I don’t think they should, if they did it should include Batman and Joker should go from being something of a victim of circumstances and his own mental health failings to being the unreserved evil protagonist who is the agent of his own fate, then crushed as he deserves.

It was too good to have a sequel, Im not saying I wouldn’t watch a Joker 2 but it would definitely make the first one feel less important. The way it ended was perfect.

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I really think utilizing the villains like Marvel did with their heros would be a great idea. DC villains are by far much better than MCU villains, I think DC would really take it in if every year at Halloween we got another villain movie and bringing the Gotham villains together only makes sense and you tease the heros and or have them in the movie less than the villains. It sounds interesting to me. We have so many superhero movies, there’s an entire other half to the genre to explore just like with the Joker which is why it made so much money! There’s so much to explore in all of that. Villains who obviously challenge the heros but haven’t got much of a story behind them is why so many villains are forgettable. I’m sure all they’ll do is a Joker 1, 2 3 etc but really it’d be more interesting to do like Scarecrow, penguin, two face and have them all crossover in kind.

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I think they could switch villains based on hero they fight. Lex Luthor, Vandel Savage, cheetah, prof Zoom, sinestro, etc.

Now building a “cinematic universe” based on villains. That is a new slant on the concept. To hades with Justice League, we eventually get Legion of Doom.

I think they should make a Joker sequel, maybe on how he enters the criminal world and how he started as a crime lord, maybe they could do a twisted Harley Quinn or maybe, (I know it’s early, since Bruce is like 10) they could try a new version of Red Hood, like maybe Jason’s parents were killed in the Joker riots and he wants revenge, or he was a cop but Joker killed his wife.

I completely agree with this. They showed his narcissism and how his brain twists everything to have a certain slant to it. I definitely did not sympathize with him, and I think they did a good job at showing he’s still every bit the villain.

I would not want a sequel to this movie. I think it does well as a one-shot. While seeing it myself I thought I would really like to see how he interacts with Batman, but I think I would rather they leave it alone.


I think it would be wiser to go down the line, pick out other villains and tell their stories.

Make other movies on other characters perhaps with limited crossover. You get 3-5 movies like this, THEN you make the Legion Of Doom type movie that pulls them all together, because you’ll have the moviegoer buy-in and interest for that epic Avengers-style tie-in movie that sort of acts as a super sequel.

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Yeah, I bet. One BILLION thoughts.

@Jay_Kay I could definitely see them fitting Batman into this Joker timeline, maybe call it Joker Vs Batman or, Joker: The birth of the Batman? I dunno, I would like to see young Bruce’s interpretation of the Gotham Riots.

I say no, but if they absolutely have to make a sequel, then I would like the movie to be shown through the lens of Joker being the main character and Batman actually being more of an antagonist than a hero.


Yeah I agree with you

I love this idea!! I would like to see more dark (black Label type) one offs. Zasz would work well for this or scarecrow. Really all batman villains for that matter.

I just watched it for the first time today and I think he could work as a villain in Batman. Or they could make a sequel with Batman. Because, right now, Gotham needs Batman.

I do not think they should make a sequel. However, if they do decide to bring that version of joker back in any capacity (wether that be a sequel or featured in another movie), I would still be there to watch it.

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they would mostlikely ruin the unique Joker movie, but that isnt the question…
only if the made a Two-Face Mbvie