Should the Snyder Cut of Justice League Be Released As a DC Universe Exclusive?

There’s been a surge in activity & interest in Zack Snyder’s unfinished version of Justice League lately and it got me thinking…should WB release the Snyder Cut on DCU? Hear me out…

It seems that Snyder if given the opportunity would like to tell the story that he spent years creating. WB won’t release it (understandably so) because it would be admitting that they made a mistake with the theatrical release. It would also be confusing for the future of the DCEU. However WB’s reboot of Batman with Reeve’s upcoming film, and the silence on all DCEU franchises that weren’t already in production (Birds of Prey, WW, Aquaman, & Shazam sequels) makes it seem that WB is already closing the door on the DCEU. Personally I pray that doesn’t happen. They’ve built way too good a foundation to throw it all away because of an underperforming JL. Some development on Ezra Miller’s Flash movie, or bringing Henry Cavill back for Man of Steel 2 would be a great sign that they’re continuing that direction. The DCEU is still strong but it needs to be cultivated to continue getting better. Its unclear if WB feels the same way though, and it looks like they’re trying to distance their characters from the connected DCEU.

So, the rising interest in #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has to get their attention, and nothing speaks to studios like profit. So if WB is closing the doors on the DCEU, then why not capitalize on this growing interest? Why not contract with Snyder to have him finish his cut of JL and release it exclusively on DC Universe? There are millions of people that would want to see the famed SnyderCut. If a mere 1 million people signed up for just 1 month of the streaming service WB would still make an easy $8 Million. Depending on how much vfx are needed to finish the cut they still make a good profit out of it.

So why not? If the DCEU is done for then it’s the least they could do for us loyal fans. Send it out with a bang, and meanwhile bring tons of new viewers to the awesome content here on DCU. And if they won’t, then what’s holding up all these DCEU movies we were promised? I know Hal Jordan & John Stewart would like an answer…

What do you all think?


I’d love them to release on DCU but it feels more appropriate for HBO max


Considering WB isn’t even releasing any live-action DC movie from the past decade on DCU, I’d be shocked to see the Snyder Cut end up here, if it’s ever released at all


I hope it’s never released. Snyder had his chance and he blew it, and he’s still acting like a petulant child who got his toys taken away. They weren’t his toys.

WB/DC isn’t just closing the door on the “DCEU/Snyderverse”. They’ve closed the door, bolted it and have welded it shut. And I applaud them for it. Unfortunately they did it 2.5 Snyder films to late.

If Snyder really wants his cut released. Let him buy it from WB for hundreds of millions of dollars, then he can release it to his heart’s content.

Frankly, I hope the WB/DC team takes all his cut footage and securely digitally erases every single bit of it. Then makes a public statement that they did just that and they smiled with glee while they did it. I will gladly buy the first round for that celebration.


That doesn’t make any financial sense either. The amount of money that would be required to update VFX, re-edit, most-likely re-shoot would be way too much to justify. Your assumption that ONE MILLION people will sign up for this service for one movie is just not realistic. They’d most likely get a free trial, watch the movie, cancel. Or, at most, they’d pay for just one month. Even if that wasn’t the case, there is no way 8 million dollars would cover production. I mean, an episode of Titans alone probably costs anywhere from 3 to 5 million (based on how much they spend on CW shows). So, yeah, this just doesn’t make much sense.


I get the feeling that if/when it does, it will be more of an HBO Max thing, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to it coming on DCU either – it would probably get a lot more people in to try the service.


If the people in charge at DC Universe were smart, they’d release the Snyder Cut on here.


Yeah but how do you really feel? :joy:

I would love to see it myself but don’t see it being on here or anywhere soon. Not quite the same situation as the Donner version but who knows one day maybe we’ll get it.


Why would you know how much it would cost?


The film, as it was released, cost 300 million dollars alone. While most of filming was done, the film was still just in the beginning of post production. Most of the VFX work still needed to be done when Snyder stepped down. So all of the shots that weren’t used by Whedon need a lot of CG, and even shots used would be need to be recolored in order to match the rest of his vision. According to VFX artists on the film and various experts, this would cost a bare minimum of 30 to 40 million dollars (and that’s being conservative). So, that’s how.

“various experts” who haven’t seen the Snyder Cut and are only guessing on its state of completion…


Jason Momoa who has seen the Snyder Cut and scoffed at his interviewer’s suggestion that Zack Snyder can’t complete the VFX.


Right, why should we trust experts in a field who are able to objectively look at the work with years of experience vs. an actor who has no experience in VFX work and would have monetary insentive to want this film to be rereleased? @XNam360 (Also those statements are backed up by artists who worked on the film, not just VFX experts in general).

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Since when do you have to have experience in VFX work to simply watch a movie and see how the effects look?


Firstly, if the basis of releasing the Snyder Cut is that he “wants to tell his story”, then I think it’s only fair that I get to tell my stories for DC. I guarantee I’m more cost effective than the current crop of writers, and more respectful to the characters [angrily shakes fist at Didio].
Second, Jason Mamoa does have a personal interest in the film, not just monetary, but perhaps emotional. If he’s buddies with Snyder, got drinks with him, exchanged lame jokes and had a rip-roaring good time, then he may be more forgiving of technical flaws if he thought it’d make his pal happy. Maybe it’s something he just doesn’t pay much attention to. Wanting your buddy to feel better about their work is an admirable sentiment, but not one necessarily conducive to coherent storytelling or avoiding really bad decisions.

Frankly, this is one case where I have little trouble saying some stories don’t need to be told. We saw 2/3 of Snyder’s take, and part of the reason Justice League did so poorly is because Dawn of Justice left a foul impression on many moviegoers. Any interest I might have in his cut is morbid curiosity, though I’m not about to shell out cash to see it. Now, if they want to pay me to see it, then we have a negotiation on our hands!


You need to have VFX experience to be able to look at a film and tell how far along VFX is and see how much time, money, and energy it’ll take to get ready. Mamoa probably saw the couple seems that were finished, not the whole product because most of it was still in pre-vis. Your question is like asking, “Since when do you need to be a pilot to fly a plane?” Sure, you can look up at the sky and see a plane in the air, but the pilot inside can see any malfunctions and issues that are happening to tell if it’ll stay in the air or not. (And I guess you’re going to ignore the whole monetary insentive he has to say that, right?).

no. the sooner we can move on from his mutant ayn randian versions of these characters the better.


You don’t know that. You’re just making stuff up.

In fact, your entire argument stems from your accusation that Jason Momoa is lying, which was baseless to begin with.

And no, you didn’t need years of experience and expertise making VFX to simply watch a movie and decide “These effects look complete.”


You’re entirely assuming that Mamoa is telling the truth. Of course I’m making assumptions, so are you. I’m not “making stuff up,” I’m reading articles from efforts and first hand sources of the film and coming to a conclusion. Unless you have some insider knowledge you care to share, by your logic the whole argument is invalid. I’m not saying Mamoa is lying, I’m saying he doesn’t have the expertise or knowledge of VFX to accurately criticize it. Which, by the way, you do need years of experience to accurately analyse a film’s progress and necessary budget when all that is left is VFX. There is SO MUCH that goes into VFX. On a film like Justice League, there were easily hundreds of people who handled the VFX. So I trust them more.

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I wanna say yes…but realistically I know that wouldn’t be the case. Disney+ launched with Avengers: Endgame containing a deleted scene that didn’t even make it to the home release. I think if WB were smart and even entertained the idea of actually releasing the Snyder Cut, they’d do it to sell people on HBO Max, which they clearly have greater aspirations for.


:thinking: not a bad idea! :batman_hv_5::clark_hv_3::flash_hv_1::gl_hv_2::superman_hv_4: