Should the Snyder Cut of Justice League be released as a DC Universe exclusive?

Oh I completely agree that moving on is the right thing to do for future movies. I’m actually in what is probably a very small minority: the easy to please fan that was happy to watch all of it, and is quite amazed at the level of controversy the movies have garnered. If I get my choice today between:
1- An announcement for all new DC movies, including Superman and leading up to a new Justice League.
2- The Snyder cut.
I would definitely favor choice 1.

I respectfully disagree with you on a fine point though. The Snyder cut, in my opinion, would have probably been more coherent and in tune with the previous movies, making for a more uniform trilogy, and a much better stopping/breaking off point with the director. You are correct that those that didn’t like Snyder’s movies probably would not have liked his JL, but what we ended up with is something that hardly anyone did (box office numbers say so).

You’re right though; it happened and hindsight is 20/20. Here’s hoping they learned from their mistakes and what we get going forward are good movies from DC.

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I really like this article on CBR. Parts of it articulate how I feel much better than I could, and this is coming from someone who really would like to see the Snyder cut. Just because I want to see it, doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for DC movies going forward (i.e. I am ambivalent about the whole thing).

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The core issue: The fact we were told Joss Whedon would be finishing up where Zack finished and everything would adhere to Snyder’s vison, which was an outright lie! That is mostly what I am upset about - DO NOT LIE to the fans! I, like many, view Josstice League as an insult towards the intelligence of the general audience. If he CHOSE to leave, then I’m sure he didn’t CHOOSE to have his work and reputation butchered as if he made what was released - they would’ve been better off being up front and honest. I believe they would’ve done better in sales in the least.

Also, WB once stated Zack would get a 5 film slate, which was a lie also; they tampered and butchered everything past Man of Steel.

I can go back and forth all day long friend, but what was done after his departure is not ethical out of any respect whatsoever for Zack, for the business reputation, the cast and crew, or the fans…

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It’s a good point you bring up regarding Joss “finishing” Zack’s work, which we can tell from watching the movie and what’s been reported is not the case. The whole thing was a mess.


The most amazing feeling of exitement followed after witnessing this on Twitter!!!



If it was legally & contractually agreed, its legal. The most ethical thing any corporation can do is operate within the law.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

IMO, WB showed more respect to Snyder than Snyder showed to DC characters and fans, based on his own words.

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Kelex doesn’t agree.


And I care what that bucket of bolts says why?


@Kelex, @DeSade-acolyte doesn’t care about your opinions!!! What do you say to that?

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Has there ever been a movie that was so good. Loved by so many. That it is still being talked about two full years after it’s release? I have seen more online conversations about JL this year than I have seen regarding Endgame. Who would go see it? Everyone.
Everyone that hates it, will pay to hate it again. Everyone that loves it, would pay to love it again. And most of the people in between.
I don’t know did anyone else buy the Star Wars trilogy when they added all the new effects? I think it was called the gold addition. Even though George Lucas was told how expensive it would be. He did it anyway and made a ton of money.
I’m pretty sure WB could find a few people that would pay to see the finished cut of Justice League.


I will confess that I didn’t like JL when it first came out. I’ve watched it a few more times since and it gets “cuter” every time I watch it.

I think there is a lot of discussion around it seems to fall in the “conspiracy theory vein”. With WB being cast as “the deep state”.

The truth is we know very little about it. There are multiple conflicting reports about what stage it’s in and what it would even take to get it to a releasable film standard.

We certainly know it would take > $1.
We also don’t know what other costs would be incurred to pay out to talent.
Does/how much Snyder get if it’s released.
Same goes for Cavill, Affleck, Mamoa, Gadot, those who ended on the original cutting room floor.
What mktg and promotion costs would be.
Do the studios that worked on the vfx get a cut?
What are the legal costs.

And there is some precedent for having to pay talent if another version of the film is released (see Brando vs Suskin with his use in Superman 2, where they had shot scenes that didn’t make the final cut of Superman 1 but were then reused in Superman 2.)

So there are a lot of “soft costs” that have never been disclosed.

While I’m sure there is a group of pro-Snyder fans that would go see it and some anti-Snyder fans that would go see it, the real question is if the gen pop would go see it.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that WB’s internal people who do the costing and calculate the “butts in seats” potential that haven’t run simulations on what WB would likely recoup if it was released. As media is a coin operated machine, if WB thought there was real money to be made, they would take steps to release it. Money is money.

I won’t even go into how valuable WB thinks it would be, given they have moved past the Snyderverse and could that tarnish their brand or at least give them plus/neutral/negative benefit.

From everything we have seen from WB about it’s release, it appears that WB still doesn’t think it a good value proposition.

As I’ve said in other threads, if everybody was willing to do whatever is needed to release the film for free and all proceeds were donated to Suicide Prevention orgs, it might stand a chance, but that is a big (and unlikely to occur, IMO) if.

So the most cost effective move for WB is to let the speculation run wild. It keeps people talking about DC films and doesn’t cost WB a dime.

If the pro-Snyder camp were to form an effective DC boycott, they might stand a chance. However, given the financial success DC has had with their post Snyder films, such a large and organized boycott doesn’t seem to be the case.

It is my hypothesis that, at the end of the day, the numbers for WB don’t add up. As long as that is the case, it’s not getting released.

I do think the pro-Snyder camp tends to ignore the soft costs involved. Some even feel, as has been stated, that ”WB owes it to the fans” to release it. The simple truth is, unless not releasing it effects WB’s bottom line, they don’t feel like they “owe it to the fans to lose money”. I for one can’t blame them for that. They are a for profit company. they owe it to the fans, as long as the fans support them with their dollars.

It’s kinda like a second season of Swamp Thing, there is a vocal base of supporters, but given its losses, it’s a bad financial risk for WB. Hence no Swamp Thing season 2. At some point the voices of “release the Snyder cut” will get likely get ”hoarse“. And as it’s support dwindles it just keeps getting smaller and further in their rear window.

Recall that the Donner cut of Superman 2 took 26 years to get released and that was for a film far more successful and popular than JL.


214 minutes. Don’t care what state of completion its in, I would love to see this!


Agreed @AquamonC137. Really want to see it. I almost want to delete all my previous comments about being ambivalent :joy:.


Na, its all good buddy. I really just wish WB would make a statement on what it would take for them to let him release it. Give us a number $ or amount of ppl would have to want to see it or something.


Agreed again. WB should say…something.


Release it. I dont care what format. I will watch. I also respect anyone that doesn’t want to see it. The solution would be simple, they won’t watch and it does not effect my desire and joy to see it or others joy. However, I think they will watch out of curiosity and never admit it.


I think it would probably release on HBO Max if anything.

That said, as someone who liked MoS and hated BvS for the most part I’d be fine with Snyder’s cut being released. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but he wasn’t fired from Justice League but his daughter died so he left right?

So it’s not a normal situation where studio’s would meddle with a directors original vision (Didn’t Josh Trank have that issue with Fox & Fantastic 4?) buttt anyway given Snyder’s unique circumstance for why his vision was meddled with I’d be fine with his cut being released at some point.

For those like me who left on a sour note with the whole DCEU after BvS I don’t see why it matters if his cuts released. It’s not canon at this point anyway, they’re not doing sh*t with Cavill, Ben Affleck’s done, they’re moving forward by having individual films and we don’t have to watch it if it’s released.

‘If’ Warner would spend the money to finish/release it is a different discussion. Those are my just 2 cents for why I lean more towards #ReleaseTheSnyderCut even though I hate what his plans were for the future and would not watch the cut anyway.

Just the whole idea of a canon ‘Evil Superman’ for the main DC film line especially after him only in a few films is dumb imo. Like we barely get Superman, then he dies, he comes back then soon becomes evil or whatever. I just don’t care to see any type of continuation of that vision but if enough of that vision exists, can be released and people want to see it then why not? (Taking financial reasons out of this just the simple basis on if it can be released then why be against the movement for it to be released, it’s Warner’s money anyway not ours lol)

Since DC has moved away and changed their vision, there is really no reason from a brand standpoint. It would just muddy the waters and likely the same fan base would start clamoring for them to bring Snyder back as a DC film director. That is certainly something WB has made clear they are not interested in.

The cost involved is always part of the equation and WB has that to contend with that.

I can see why WB may not have a desire to release a partially finished film. It sets a bad precedent.

With the post Snyder films doing better ROI at the box office, what upside motivation does WB have in releasing it?

WB hasn’t made a public statement, but as Variety reported from an unnamed source, “it isn’t happening.” Such a statement, even from an unnamed source, in a serious news outlet like Variety is about as close to an official announcement as WB is likely to make.

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