Should there be a Wonder Boy?

Dick Grayson was already the Boy Wonder so that could be confusing. Maybe there’s a universe where that title is swapped around, he and Donna act like siblings anyway.

No not really but how about a Wonder Dog? Maybe a chihuahua?

Yeah no wonder boy just sound really wonderfully unnatural and could confuse kids.

I would have preferred they made Jason into her younger brother instead of a twin. It would have been much better for the story IMO. He could have been Wonder Boy and they could have had him in a Young Justice or Teen Titans book.

Also, Wonder Woman does have a super pet. Wonder Woman has a Kanga named Jumpa.


A young justice version of him would be an amazing opener for his possibilities.

Would LOVE to see them do something like this! I think the way DC keeps Diana’s cast (allies and enemies) majority-female is great for increasing the number of female characters in the universe as a whole, but adding a male protégé would offer a cool, new perspective. It’d be great for kids to see a boy looking up to and being inspired by a woman, since we see girl characters looking up to men so often.

I’d also love to see her get a gay male supporting character! Maybe not as a sidekick but as part of her team in some capacity. As a queer man myself, I always felt like Diana should have DROVES of gay guys cheering her on in the DCU. I mean, Wonder Woman is like Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga combined, PLUS superpowers haha.

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Idk if it’s been mentioned cuz I didn’t read all posts yet. However, DC created Power Girl & Marvel came out with a Power Boy & lost rites in a court suit due to DC suing them for copying a character. After that Marvel created a Wonder Man & DC created a Wonder Boy. Marvel attempted to stop it but it happened. IDK all the facts as far as if that’s why DC decided to fade him out, that is, to avoid controversy but it was once a reality.

With how things are going with Jason in the comics, idk. Wonder Woman has had her small share of proteges over the years, but is usually solo, so any time she gets a new sidekick, it’s kind of a big deal and there’s pressure for it to work well. I think a good team of writers could do it if they don’t market it as “Wonder Woman’s new sidekick!” and sneak a character in to test the audience reception (aka the opposite of the heavily marketed “lost twin of Diana”). Also, would’ve preferred if Jason had gotten a different set of gifts/powers to contrast Diana, so if she got a boy sidekick I’d like if that were remedied.

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Cute idea, but no. There are multitudes of books featuring male protagonists. We don’t need a replay of the Byrne era when Diana was a guest star in her own title.

And the whole “Wonder Boy” shtick has already been done. Thankfully, Phil Jimenez wrapped that kid’s story or many of us would have been campaigning for street pizza.

I know you feel passionately about this, but I do not believe there is a place for a male in the Wonder Family. It just sounds like so much fanwank. The only thing missing in your description is mention of him wearing a costume eerily similar to Diana’s… complete with bracelets and a circlet resting on his head.


No. Basically, every Wonder Girl has been Amazonian. There are no male Amazons. So that would negate any connection. There is a Hercules in the DCU. But to make a male Wonder Boy would really seem forced. I think there might also be some conflict with Marvel’s Wonder Man over it.


Man I love me fellow DC fans!! I completely respect everyone’s view, even if it’s not my similar to mine.
However, I dont think in some of cassie’s origins she was a natural born amazon, and I think maybe the whole marvel and dc name lawsuits could cause an issue, so maybe a re wording could be used. Also the amazons are all female I get that , I’m not saying he would rule them, just train under their creed.

I think it would make for a good Elseworlds/Black Label story. Alternate future, Superman & Wonder Woman have a child. He grows up & calls himself Wonder Boy.

Maybe trains with Batman, then we can say Wonder Boy, the Boy Wonder!


Just gonna put this here:


I’m aware of the past version that made an appearance, and the one that is from the future. My view is that Diana should have her own son that follows in her footsteps.

Jack Black is Wonder Boy. Even wrote a song about it


Honestly, I’m okay with there not being a Wonder Boy. There are already two Wonder Girls. I just don’t want Wonder Woman to end up like Batman where he has had so many different sidekicks.

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Maybe on the alternative earth where gender roles are swapped but in the other earths its hard to accept a man with the great amazons.

Don’t really think it’s necessary. You even mention it yourself… A Wonder Boy would be unacceptable on Themyscira. The Amazon are sitting on that island to get away from the world of MEN. Now nothing says Wonder Woman could not have a male side kick off island while hanging out in Metropolis or Gotham and working with the Justice League. Not exactly sure the name “Wonder Boy” would be necessary even if behind his back some other League Members refer to him as that jokingly because he trains with and is always at Diana’s side. How about this as a back story? A life long friend of Diana’s leaves the island on a mission with Wonder Woman and falls in love with a a man (obviously). She decided to marry him and leave the island for good and in doing so the Gods remove any immortality she possessed from her life on Themyscira. Then tragically both husband and wife are killed in an auto accident… Let’s say the male in question is a Justice League member with powers so the now Orphaned son has both the skill of an Amazon and whatever power his father possessed. The Amazons want nothing to do with the child both because of his sex and the fact that his mother abandoned the Amazon ways which led to his existance to begin with. Diana however has always been like an Aunt to the boy to begin with and takes charge of caring for and teaching the young boy. Fast forward ahead and the kid is now a teenager which super powers and a number of years learning to fight like an Amazon even if he has never seen his mother’s home. Now let’s have him split his time between hanging with “Aunt Diana” and helping her on missions and hanging with the crew from Young Justice. Hmm maybe we could even have Beast Boy be the one that starts calling him Wonder Boy… We all know Garfield can be just a bit tactless at times LOL


Batman need a Robin…Robin really has been Bruce’s real connection to the outside world.

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Alfred is a connection. I am ok if we get 4 1800 numbers someday.

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