Should Watchman have been incorporated into the main DC Universe?

I think you misunderstand that contract. Alan Moore agreed that DC would own the rights to Watchmen so long as Watchmen was in print, so DC has kept a paperback of Watchmen on the shelf of every bookstore on earth since then. It’s shifty, for sure, but they’re not “backing out”.

Should they be incorporated into the main universe? Hell no. What made the original Watchmen great was that it told it’s own story in its own, equally compelling world and I think something would be lost if the likes of Rorschach was in the same universe as Batman and co.

That said, I don’t hate the idea of Watchmen as one of the many worlds in the multiverse that can occasionally cross paths with the main.

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The original graphic novel, absolutely not. Having a mule explode in time square. Every hero and villain would be involved in that aftermath.

A nuke explode (darn auto spell. Can’t wait for community 2.0 editable posts)

In the 32 years since their creation, the dark knight returns has had 4 printings, watchmen has had 24 printings


This makes it easier to explain in the DC cinematic universe

Well, here we are a few days away from the final issue and I have to say it feels odd. Doomsday clock is an excellent read. Great dialogue, stunning art, and awesome character moments for basically everyone. I think how much you will enjoy the book depends on two primary things. 1) if you hold the watchmen as the Bible of comics, you will be disappointed. The ambiguity of its ending is immediately put to rest as well as some other plot threads that were never intended to be resolved. 2) how long have you been reading. If your a modern comic reader so like 2000-now there Is a lot of fan service type stuff. But old heads might be more disappointed. I am cautiously optimistic and can’t wait for its conclusion!

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