SHOULD we get another Superman movie, how would you solve this specific problem?

Asset of chaos that I am, let him take up a new secret identity for the next movie let the toxic fanboys get up in arms and then Flashpoint him back into Clark Kent OR Clark Kent shows up like nothing has happened and everyone around him tries to explain his resurrection without him commenting, like Sherlock did after he died on BBC America’s Sherlock.

Would like it if they just brought back Cavill. Give him time, and a little bit more money and I am sure he would be glad to do it. I still want that superman, if they had to reboot the movies they would be dead in the water. There wouldn’t be any coming back from that, especially if you had to recast and change two members of the trinity. I want Cavill to do it, he did a great job in MoS.


@Wildstorm, I like your Sherlock idea!

I’ve always been under the impression with these movies that yea, Lois knew Clark was Superman but Perry and Jenny knew, too.

If he were to come back unexpectedly, they could say he was on assignment looking into Intergang. He faked his death because they were starting to catch onto someone investigating them or that he faked his death to assume a new identity to go “undercover” for a story.

It’s not the prettiest explanation, but it’s something.


He could come back all “Dallas” like and just show up in the shower like nothing happened.

Since Lex Luthor already knows who everyone is, they should take the MCU approach and abandon secret identities.

Nah, Bruce Wayne would never tell the world he is Batman. Then every wack-job in Arkham will go straight to his house.

Lois whispers in the Devils ear and they make a deal. The fans will love it!

Maybe this is one of the reasons we haven’t gotten a proper sequel.

I hope they do figure this out. Clark is just as important as Superman. I prefer it better when Clark is the real person and Superman is the “mask” And although we got a taste of it in Dawn of Justice, I liked seeing Clark working at the Daily Planet. We need more of that.

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