Should/Will DC Universe merge with Cinemax or HBO Max?

Cinemax is apparently not making original content any more, but has a good live action movie library. The live action movie library at DCU is lacking – according to several vocal members here (see Coming Soon & Last Chance: January, 2020 )

This leads me to wonder in a new blog post if DCU should or will merge with CInemax or HBO Max?

Here’s the post with link to source for reference:

I saw several other HBO Max threads created here, but none that specifically discussed this new information about Cinemax not producing original content any more. It definitely opens the door for a possible DCU merge with Cinemax, if not HBO Max, should DCU even be interested in that kind of deal somewhere down the road.

This is pure speculation on my part. Just to be clear. What are your thoughts? Possible? Unlikely? Good idea? Bad idea?

Well, there’s a clear market for a comic subscription service (Marvel Unlimited is doing fine at around the same price range with only comics), so it would be stupid of them to drop that part. But I could see them amputating the Movies and TV section and taking that content over to HBO Max, or possibly somehow linking the two subscriptions.

I suspect DCU will probably stay in place in one form or another, but the people only here for shows/movies (who I still don’t understand, but whatever) are probably going to have to follow over to a different service.


I don’t know why people can’t enjoy both? In the scheme of things, DCU is an inexpensive monthly service. HBO Max, is going to be like twice the monthly price, which is going to be a hard sell for people budgeting entertainment $$$

I’ve already stated elsewhere I’m not here for the live action movie content, but clearly in that January 2020 post linked above, some are and very disappointed that HBO Max will be receiving more/most/all(?) DC live action movies.

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According to.a Google Search Cinemax is another part of HBO, a premium.service. within it.

HBO MAX will be thr primary service of AT&T/ Warner Brothers. All other services within ATT will be secondary to it.

The goal is for HBO Max to have many millions of subscribers.

All DC films for the ladt forty years will be on HBO MAX. It will also has an animation component. mainly Looney Tunes but also an Aquaman animated series.

All content that left here on January 1st 2020 will come back to ATT before HBO Max launches in.May. this rotation out was to gain. revenues from other streaming services before HBO Max launches and that revenue stream is lost forever.

When.that happens all these assests woll be available to HBO Max but some of it lwill be shared with DC Universe. One major reason is that we had these titles previously and that DC Universe advertisement stresses animation especially new animation coming here 90 days after release.

It makes no sense for HBO Max to take the Comic Book.Library. it would confuse the branding of the product.

ATT wants DC Universe to survive. It would not have hired additional staff and developed Community 2.0 if it did not. And remember Community 2.0 is free to all No membership required. It is a free advertisement for DC Univeese.

The Multiverse describtion in part 5 of Vrisis gave uncredited cameos of alll the original live action content -Titans Doom Patrol Swamp Thing and Stargirl -originating at DC Universe it was a free advertisrment fkr DC Universe.

The New Big DC series will be om HBO MAX. Only that service will have the resources to fund those series

But again ATT wants DC Universe to survive. We are a biche engaged membership eager for DC products. It would show good will and be an advertisment for HBO Max to rotate in some of its assests to DC Universe, if only a portion and for a limited period of time

I fully expect the Original Content and the older TV series, animated or live action to remain. here. ATT will not gut DC Universe.

I expect that DC animated films will have a home here. Maybe not every title but most.

I hope that HBO Max wilp share some on recents films snd series to us, on a rotating basis and for a limited period of time. It make sense.

Those will want recent movies only should transfer to HBO MAX if they can afgord it.

We will see in May and the months beyond what sharing will occur.

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I question the ongoing viability of Cinemax more than I do DCU. In an era of cord cutting and streaming services the rationale for paying for premium cable channels is disappearing unless you are a top brand like HBO. I expect HBO and Showtime will keep their efforts on heir top brands and possibly let the Movie Channels and Cinemax die. DCU on the other hand is completely unique.


Fair concern. I’m just saying they have something that DCU currently does not have and maybe it’s the other way. Maybe Cinemax merges into DCU(?). Cinemax has an After Dark section that is more adult-themed and that would fit a more mature audience.

The two together would be more of a general audience service than either is standalone… Cinemax isn’t going to be as desirable without any new original shows being produced and DCU without more live action movies is going to be a turnoff to subscribers looking for that.

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DC Universe will only contain DC material.

Adding non DC material from Cinemax doesn’t make any sense.

It seriously confuses thr branding of DC Universe.


I doubt it would matter much to branding to most general audience movie fans – these are the people who are likely complaining that the film content is lacking here. In particular I think what’s confusing and bothersome is that the DC live action movies aren’t here. In lieu of that, almost no other movie content of any kind leaves the service a strictly niche comic book and animated series platform. I’m not saying there is any problem with that, I like that in fact, but others may not.

I could see them doing some sort of “bundle” deal, like what Disney Plus does with Hulu and ESPN Plus.


I honestly wouldn’t be too bothered if all the visual parts of DCU went away. I’m happy with just the comics. I’m not saying I HOPE the shows go away, I know that would upset a lot of people. But my primary use of this app is for reading.