Should/Will DC Universe Merge with Cinemax or HBO Max?

Will DCU merge? Likely not. DCU will most likely become a small comics and community app while the originals are made elsewhere. Should DCU merge? It would probably be better for originals but I honestly don’t see how that would work with the comics because none of the others have the rights for the comics and I wouldn’t want them to.

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Without all this content being made it will never be worth the money I have spent on it.


What is our deal with HBOMax? As subscribers to DC Universe,What deal do we get on the streaming service and how do we get it?

You have to be able to get it first

I seriously doubt I am getting HBOMax. I had been sick of HBO, Showtime and Cinemax for a while and had whittled my cable down to the most basic things. My love of DC had me subscribe to DC Universe the moment it began and I have loved it ever since. But with heavy heart I suppose I’ll need to say goodbye because I am not getting HBO just to keep viewing DC. It really is a shame. DC Universe was the best thing to happen to online viewing. I still don’t get what happened.

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I got it HBOMAX for $4.99 for 10 months…not a bad deal since it’s normally $14.99/month

So… I was just wondering now that Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn are leaving DC Universe app what is left for us that still use still using DC Universe appl?? It’s just a thought.

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Hiya @LunaNights, you’ll notice I combined this comment because we have SO MANY conversations around this question :slight_smile: The originals are moving, but DC Universe still has a LOT to offer; just look at our huge library of digital comics! I say stick around and keep your eye on the Watchtower for imminent announcements on DC Universe’s shiny new future.


Oh @Applejack I am going to stay with DC Universe, but I was wonder are the other seasons going to be available to us or do we need HBOMax. I love this app so much and has alot to offer, but I also love the shows they offered. It bums me out to think we will not get the new season. if that happens


The video functionality will not be available in the future :frowning_face: We still have quite a few months before that happens, but ideally we can work out a bundle w/ HBO Max that makes seeing your favorite shows easy :slight_smile:

That being said, announcing new seasons of these shows are definitely still on the table! That’s all I can say for now :zipper_mouth_face:


@Applejack I tried the offer for HBOMax and said I didn’t qualify like alot of others in here. So kind of get the feeling of being outcast.

@nathenleeturner.16315, AT&T happened

@Applejack, so DC Universe is getting screwed over by AT&T?

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To include ALL video content, i.e. older content which weren’t DCU originals?

EVERY VIDEO is leaving

The classic TV shows may be spread out to other streaming services if HBO Max doesn’t want them.

Unlike Disney Plus, it is not a comprehensive site and riotates out often

We just lost Harry Potter because AT&T wants us to buy it

HBO Max wants

New stuff
Really classic like Wizard of Oz

No way Adventures of Superman will be wanted

Maybe they will pick up BTAS and Lynda Carter Wondet Woman


And then they will rotate out.


The video functionality will not be available in the future :frowning_face: We still have quite a few months before that happens, but ideally we can work out a bundle w/ HBO Max that makes seeing your favorite shows easy

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Then why not let this site keep what HBOMAX doesn’t want?



At this time the plans are already in motion to make HBO Max the only destination for video content. From a business perspective, I understand their reasoning; it’s cannibalizing to split your revenue into two different platforms. I have resigned myself to accepting this as a matter of fact and working to ensure the new system feels equally valuable, if not more so for comic fans :slight_smile: And hopefully, we see more bundle opportunities emerge.


The Original content is indeed movie to HBO Max, but the other video content may be distributed to other platforms; there isn’t a batch solution for that library.

So, they’re idiots?


Isnt the future of comic in general also in jeopardy?


I don’t think so. The argument could be made that the futures of DC and Marvel Comics are in jeopardy. They’re run by much different parent companies, and we can’t know what they have in mind for the future. Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, and IDW won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. There will always be independent publishers.

Talk about bundles, but ths last bundle alot of us DC Universe subscribers didn’t qualify, which I found not to be promising. I’ve been a member of the Universe since day 1 and didn’t qualify for the first bundle. Sucks they will now take away the video function.

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