Shows/movies we'd like to see on the App!

DC Universe is the perfect app for super fans. No really! I personally spend the entire day daydreaming about my favorite characters, shows, and movies. With that being said, what movies and shows would you guys absolutely love to see on the app? My suggestions are:

  • Smallville (easily one of the greatest live action superhero shows of all time)
  • Beware the Batman (this show is extremely underrated)
  • Justice League Dark animated movie (such a quirky team and Deadman is hilarious)
  • Batman 1960s tv series starring Adam West (we really need more comedy on the app, more humor, more to laugh at)
  • Robot Chicken’s DC comics specials (again more comedy on the app)
    and finally…
  • the Dark Knight trilogy (honestly no explanation needed, these films rock)