SMACKDOWN #1: Teen Titans vs Uber Jason

Welcome to the first installment of “SMACKDOWN”, where we pit DC heroes and villains up against each other, and other icons of pop culture.

For today’s first fight, we have…

the TELEVISION VERSION of the Teen Titans
The JASON X VERSION of Jason Voorhees !

Now for the specs of the fight:

Morals: On
(Jason will not initially attack any of the Titans unless provoked, as they will be classed as under 17 for sake of the fight. The Titans will not be out for blood, only to incapacitate and capture.)

Prep: Random Encounter (No prep time on either side)

Gear: Standard (Weapons and abilities typical to the originating medias are present, with all the strengths and weaknesses that they bring.)

Location: Streets of Jump City, Nighttime