Snyder Cut Officially Happening in 2021 on HBO Max

I’ll have it because my roommate is getting it. Only because of that. I’m over the subscription services. I used to save a fortune every year not having cable. Now it’s worse.

Internet: $75
Netflix: $12
Hulu: $13
Disney+: $7
HBO Max:$15

Getting ripped off by entertainment companies: Priceless.


Obviously the biggest cost there is internet. Even with cancelling the subscription services, would you cancel your internet service as well?


I’ll get max as part of my cable bundle. Snyder Cut AND not spending anymore money! YAY!

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Ah that’s unfortunate but makes sense. Thanks

I hear that AT&T is doing this to spite you personally. In fact, I have a leaked script for the ending:

Steppenwolf falls to his knees before Diana as she flogs him with her WB shield.

How could this happen to me?
I am a servant of Darkseid!
I am a warrior of Apokolips!
I am an acolyte of DeSaad!

Slow-motion wide shot as Diana somersaults through the air, swings her sword in an exaggerated arc, and decapitates Steppenwolf. As she lands, Steppenwolf’s head bounces three times and triggers three eruptions of ground water in the places it lands, offering an obscure reference to the traditions about the death of St. Paul. (Trust us: this random bit of symbolism is actually quite deep if you think about it.)

How’s that for a Snyder Cut?

Batman and Aquaman chest-bump in the background.


It symbolizes that Darkseid is God and, as we are already keenly aware, all of Synder’s heroes are in fact spawned from the depths of hell.


Ok, so I feel kind of conflicted on this. As a Dc fan, of course I want to see this succeed and be a good movie. But there’s also kind of a small part in me that wants to see this just be very bad. Justice League has kind of become an important part of internet culture as a meme, and if the Snyder Cut came out and was actually good, that would kind of ruin the whole thing. Plus think of the story: Justice League movie comes out, movie gets terrible reviews, public ridicules it and memes it, die hard fans defend it saying that the Snyder cut would’ve been better, and then finally it comes out and it turns out to be just as bad as it was originally. I feel like it’s a more complete arc for the narrative of the Snyder Cut, but maybe that’s just me. Again, I’d love for the movie to succeed, but for some reason I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t

What defines “success” though? The whole point of a show or movie on a streaming app is to bring people to the app. Is there doubt that this is going to achieve that? Even if it’s bad, I think people will show up to say “I told you so!”


But demons don’t come from below. They come from the sky!


Not everything spawned from hell is a demon, and even they were, not all demons can fly. Etrigan is a Demon, he can’t fly.

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While I am very much looking forward to the Snyder Cut to see how his story ends, anyone else concerned with how HBO Max is going to effect this streaming site? While I do not expect the Snyder Cut to be perfect, I hope it is an improvement just like BvS extended cut was better.

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YES! Those who forced Zack out should be ashamed of themselves. Jealous his vision would overshadow your green lantern writing. Jealous Affleck had a great script. Thank GOD HBO is now in the driver seat. DC fans want DC movies, not marvel copies.

Agreed Geoff doesn’t want anything overshadowing his work. His Ego has to go.

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No one forced him out. He had to leave the production due to a family tragedy, so they decided to take the opportunity to go in a different direction.

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-I feel compelled to point out that calling it “the Snyder Cut” is a bit misleading, as it implies that this was all Zack Snyder’s work. By this point, the underperformance of BVS had caused the higher-ups to begin loosing faith in him, so Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were brought in to “help.” It would be more accurate to call it the “Pre-Whedon Cut.”

-For what it’s worth, this isn’t a simple Director’s Cut or a retread. The higher-ups were unwilling to push back the release date, so they just kept cramming more cooks into the kitchen. After a personal tragedy caused Snyder to leave the production, they hired Joss Whedon in a clear attempt to chase Avengers money, who re-shot most of the film. By most accounts, only about one-fourth of the final film is Snyder’s material. This will be very different from the theatrical film. That might not make it better, but it probably won’t make it worse.

-I doubt that this will affect any other DC movies. The “DCEU” (such as it is) has been in a state of flux/soft rebooting for some time now.

-One of the most repeated criticisms of Justice League is that it had a wildly inconsistent tone. You could clearly see that it was two films inelegantly mashed together and then further filtered through re-toolings and re-edits. This promises to be a more tonally consistent film. I don’t know if that will make it a better film, per se. I can’t imagine it will make it worse.

-Another criticism is the the fact that the higher-ups refused to move the release date, but also ordered round after round of expensive re-shoots, ultimately not giving them enough time to finish many of the visual effects shots. Hopefully, they’ll have learned from that experience and this Cut will have better visual effects.

-I’m honestly surprised about this announcement. I’d assumed that it would be a while longer before we were allowed to see it. Certainly, I’d assumed that we’d have to wait until an entire changing of the guard at Warner Brothers Studios. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear that they should have just released the Pre-Whedon cut and not bothered with re-shoots and re-edits. Even if it wasn’t a good movie, it would have at least made as much as the final cut, while not adding 100+ million to the budget. No one involved in making that decision wanted to release the earlier cut, for fear that that would underscore their phenomenally bad call even further. Since this decision was made by the executives and the cut is going to HBO Max, I think this probably had more to do with the “streaming wars” than anything else.

-The BVS Ultimate Cut was a fair movie. Not great, but I enjoyed it. I’m anticipating feeling the same about this.

I’m calling it now, the Snyder Cut will be the relaunch of the DC Universe. It will probably be broken up into segments to feel more like a mini series. Snyder was shafted by Geoff Johns and the “higher ups” at Warner Brothers, but the people at AT&T seem to like the idea of making money. Henry Cavil is back, and maybe we can get that twilight batman film scraped for Affleck’s original idea. I don’t know what to expect, but it sounds good. If this continues I might have to switch my phone service to AT&T.


Maybe just maybe they see great reviews and people love and do Afflecks Batman as a limited series but there’s zero chance they just up and stop pattensons Batman movie that’s already started filming.

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Affleck quit on purpose. I don’t think he’s coming back.

IIRC, even before the Joss rewrites, Zack had rewritten it to be a one and done film anyways

Exactly, but some ZS fanboys have created this narrative that is pretty much conspiracy theory.

My issue with this thing, as excited as I am, is that it’s a slippery slope. Already, ZS extremists are demanding that DC/WB go back to the original plan, and scrap everything they have planned currently. While people here have been respectful, I’ve seen such nastiness elsewhere directed towards Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson, Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon, and so on.

Is this, in a way, rewarding bad behavior? Or at least encouraging it?

Can we just be happy that we’re getting plenty of DC content?