Snyder cut

We as faithful fans of DC deserve the Snyder Cut!! WB has done us so dirty that the least they could do for us is give us the 3 hr long movie we deserved from the beginning! Ben Affleck is no longer the bat, so where do we go from here with the JL?! They provide no explanation at all, keep us in the dark while we go insane with all these rumors. I’m in denial that they will just leave us hanging with one JL movie, but apparently for us fans only time can tell! The cast, the director, the crew, the fans deserved better!


The Snyder cut would not fix anything. Snyder vision was already bad.


Yeah it’s already too late to fix anything, that’s why I’m saying to at least give us the cut. That’s just your opinion, if you don’t want it that’s fine.


After the Aquaman success, I’m sure this is an afterthought to WB.

Nobody expects it to "fix" anything. We want to see a good version of Justice League with a relatable, non-goofy Superman and crew. We dont care what other people thought about BvS or MoS. All the info out there about it now describes a far better movie. Like, they could release it without sound and it will be better than what we got. Garbage like Superman carrying a house one handed cause screw physics, we need jokes. "Gasp!Civilians!" Cringey AF. You guys wouldnt have to watch it, y'know.

Here’s Snyder’s Rotten Tomatoes scores:

40% - Justice League
27% - Batman v Superman
56% - Man of Steel
23% - Sucker Punch
51% - Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole
64% - Watchmen
60% - 300
75% - Dawn of the Dead

Snyder’s been doing Snyder cuts his whole career and people consistently don’t like his movies. Not sure why this one would have been different.


@Zombedy shrug, I thought Justice League was a decent movie, far better than BvS and Man of Steel. To compare it to the Marvel films, it was on the level of Age of Ultron to me. Not bad, but not something I’m going to rewatch a lot either.

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Snyder cut because of what happened to his daughter it’s simple as that. Grow up there is no Snyder cut he never finished

Quit not cut lol

I hope this forum exists in 10 years and it’s still being asked for.

We’ve got Cyborg himself, Ray Fisher, saying Zack Snyder shot everything he needed for his cut.

And then we’ve got the user named foodini, with a history of chiming into every Snyder-related thread to tell us he hates Snyder, telling us “Grow up, there’s no Snyder Cut, he never finished.”

Who do we trust? Ray Fisher or foodini? :thinking:


@rexmason, Rotten Tomatoes critics’ ratings are a very poor indicator of which movies people actually like.

Just look at the last couple of month’s worth of box office results. Glass topped the box office for the past three weeks in a row. It has a rotten 36% score. The previous weekend’s top movie was The Upside. It has a rotten 40% score.

And then, of course, Aquaman dominated for weeks. Although its score is technically considered “fresh,” it’s in the low borderline “rotten” range and doesn’t look so great being lower rated than all 20 Marvel Studios movies. You’d think there’s no way it would have been anywhere near as popular as it was, if you trusted Rotten Tomatoes as a gauge of what people like.


Yeah all of that PLUS Kevin smith himself said it in that video that Snyder had a vision. It was all planned and laid out. I’m not saying I didn’t like the movie we got, I really did like it, I just want to see what they originally had planned because it sounded waaay better. I’m saying that for all they’re putting us through we at least deserve that much.

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According to one source, the Justice League movie shown was practically the same one Zack Snyder envisioned- only missing the end scene with Darkseid. I doubt it’s accurate, but I saw this when doing a search for any new updates and clicked on a link for Kevin Smith wanting the Snyder Cut.

They should release it on DCU that would be awesome


I truly feel sorry for Zack Snyder, Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller the most.; talk about false hopes… WB let them and all of the fans down.
WB should’ve let Snyder finish what he started, now DC films has a stong potential to be a trainwreck. Cmon… WB. I don’t believe DC has a thing to do with it at all (not releasing it). I believe they’d like it to be out as well.