So...apparently, Bird of Prey has the worst opening weekend :(

I have yet to see the movie(going on Tuesday, can’t wait!), but all I’ve heard all weekend is how the movie’s not making as much money as it should. This is somewhat worrying to me because, based on what the critics say, it’s pretty good; 81% on RT is nothing to sneeze at. Of course, you get the haters using phrases like “woke”, “feminist agenda”, and “keep politics out my comicbook movies, rawr!” to describe a movie they probably haven’t seen and are just dragging it down. I want DC to keep making more good movies, and I know BoP probably won’t make Joker money, but I’d still like to see it succeed. So I ask those of you that have seen it and enjoyed it, please spread the word, get more butts in the seats. I’m already planning to see it twice with two groups of friends.


It was a fun movie!

I went to IMAX on Friday night (opening weekend) at 7pm and the theater - which is normally packed at that time - was only about 15% full. I was stunned (and saddened) by how empty the theater was.

It’s not over yet - the movie can still gain momentum from good word of mouth. So I’m talking it up to friends too! :blue_heart:


I absolutely loved it. I’ll see it again 4 sure


Yeah, not the best opening, but hopefully it can find a second wind – could make for a good Valentine’s Day flick.


It was cheap, has a big star who WB is tied to, good Audience score, and opened in a period with an ok multiplier. I think this isn’t the end of Harley, but i worry for the BoP


It didn’t meet expectations, but it’s not a flop or anything. It still made its budget back this weekend when you consider international box office and, looking at the upcoming movie slate, it will likely be #1 for a minute


I think some people like me feels this was more of Harley Quinn movie then Birds of Prey, if it’s really is a birds of prey film then Where’s Oracle? Isn’t she the one who started the team? I refuse to see this movie. It’s not my cup of tea. I’ll wait to see Wonder Woman, I think that’ll be alot better film!
Some people may think it’s a sequel to suicide Squad and that might’ve hurt the film as well.


It did great internationally were it was released in 3D, but bombed in the 5 or so countries it was released in Monoscopic 2D only.

Movie studios haven’t learned their lesson from 2019:

Hellboy in IMAX & Dolby (2D only) $44 million worldwide.

Maleficet 2 in 3D made half a billion dollars are so. And is still being shown in some theaters in 3D right now.

Streaming services and 4K TVs have been killing theater going.

Plus all DCEU movies have been in 3D in every country in the world, before Birds of Prey brook that cycle.

I heard from people in Germany & Hungary that the 3D was great and that the movie made mad good use of it for almost almost every scene in the movie.

I hope movie studios don’t make the same mistake with Sonic the Hedgehog and other movies coming out.

Also, if Warner Bros. and At&t want to make money off of Birds of Prey in the domestic box office, they can just do a 3D re-release of it.


@shahaneh-star.11392 Hadn’t thought about the 3D thing. Most people I talk to (as well as myself) don’t like 3D, but you might have a point and maybe I just live in an anti-3D bubble.

As for the movie “failing”… it definitely under performed and sure Warner was hoping or even expecting it to do better. But as someone else mentioned including international box office it has made most of what it cost to make. Not that isn’t the same as beaking even of course, movies seem to have to make about double the cost to make to actually turn a profit. But it is not the box office disaster some want to paint it as. (Although honestly, the media kind of set it up for that with so many predicting it was going to be some kind of juggernaut making 150 million opening weekend or something which I never for a second believed. Don’t know what that was all about).

It also was the highest grossing movie over the weekend. So if it was a humiliating disaster then what was everything else?

Definitely barring a miracle BOP is not going to be making some 700 million or something at the Box Office. But the things in it’s favor are that the movie has gotten both positive reviews and mostly good word of mouth. A lot didn’t see it but the vast majority who did seemed to enjoy it. So the good word of mouth could help it through the week and next weekend. And Valentines Day and Presidents Day… both big ticket selling dates hasn’t happened yet and that could help it out.

Personally, I think BOP is going to make a profit, maybe not a good one but I think it will make it’s money back and then some. I also think it will do well in DVD and streaming numbers afterwards so believe it won’t go down as some embarrassing disaster no matter how much some seem to want it to be.


The movie kicked ass, so i was disappointed to hear about these box office numbers. I read all sorts of articles about why this happened, one argument being that the R rating limited the amount of people who could see it, and that a PG13 rating would have helped. I personally believe the movie was fine as it was, and that cutting scenes to get a different rating would have made things worse. I think that word of mouth and positive reviews will help the film in the coming weeks. We will see!


Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m going to try and see it this weekend. Anything to support the DC franchise. Can’t wait, excited. I genuinely try to avoid listening to the podcasts or review sites- cause even if a movie is declared bad by a lot of critics, doesn’t mean it isn’t liked or deemed good by the fans.

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I always root for DC to do well, because the more successful they are, the more likely they’ll end up making something I want to see. Having said that, their two latest offerings, Joker and Birds of Prey/Harley, don’t really fall under that umbrella. Haven’t seen Joker yet (not my cup o’ tea, but I will end up watching it at some point, probably on demand). As for Birds of Prey, I didn’t really have that much interest in the source material and the previews were just not all that enticing to me. May still go watch it in the theater though, because Margot Robbie is so good in the role.
Feels like DC/Warner are trying to cast a wide net of different movies to see what sticks. Worked great with Joker. Worked with Birds of Prey, critically speaking, but total box office is still a question mark, with initial indications obviously not looking so great.
As for what I’d actually like to see from Warner/DC, I had a whole paragraph dedicated to that, which I deleted. Didn’t want to hijack this thread with my rumblings.


I also must add that, had this been a PG-13 movie, I would have probably taken my 9 year old (who loves Harely) to go see it. A bit of a shame that I can’t have her watch the show or the movie.


I think the previews where bad. If your a Birds of Prey fan, it is almost unrecognizable. I love Harley Quinn, but they should have probably just done her solo movie.


We are at a crux in comic book films, to R or not to R, that is the question.

It’s fine to say that BOP is a “girl gang” movie as some of the words that were used on the press tour.

However, if it wants to be a narrative that both girls and women can embrace as an example of empowerment, it’s hard to reconcile that with an R rating. That rating is not going to impact a lot of girls (those 16 and under, because a large chunk of parents aren’t going to take them to an R rated movie.

An R rating does minimize the customer base. Ok, Joker did over a billion, but it was more developed and marketed as a physiological drama/thriller than a straight comic book movie. And how many ticket sales were repeat customers and given its style, did it bring in audience that wouldn’t generally go to a comic book movie.

Certainly word of mouth worked in the fever of Joker, and it might for BOP. Even if domestic weekend expectations fell short. However, let’s not forget it went up Sunday against the Oscars, and for some people that is an all day evening event/party. I think a big question will be what is domestic box office next weekend and are international numbers holding.

Recall that 2/3rds of Joker’s revenue came from the international market. Is measuring a film based on domestic box office still a valid barometer when 50+ of most files revenue is coming from overseas? Is the concept that domestic aged out with the much larger revenue base for films coming from international “butts in seats”?

Basically the jury is still out on BOP. Only time will tell. From most accounts this was Robbie’s “pet project”. If WB is ok with it doing 1.5x or 2.0x of budget to keep her happy and on board for another film or two. That’s not a bad investment, especially if much of her revenue could come as a percentage of gross. This can work well fit the studio and the actor. If a film doesn’t do well, they haven’t laid out a large hard cost to the lead. Nicholson made over $50 million in percentage of gross (and that was in 1989 dollars (the equivalent of $100+ Million in 2020 dollars.) basically the major building block of JN’s fortune came from taking a markedly lower hard cost to do the movie for a percentage of gross.)

But, back to the R-rating. It wouldn’t surprise if WB calculated a different profit multiplier for an R than it would for a PG-13. Let’s face it, Joked grossing a billion is the exception, not the rule. I think they are experimenting with how well a SH movie can do as an R opposed to a PG-13. Especially when dealing with an anti-hero like Harley. It is again, DC doing any type of SH movie for under a $100 million budget. (Which is low budget for a SH movie But Shazam was fine on a $100 million budget).

For characters without a proven potential track record, keep the budgets small, risk less, build up an array of characters over time that you can “mix and match” later, if you want. Remember, the first iteration of JL didn’t even start with Superman or Batman. Build up a stable of 2nd tier heroes (aka not the trinity) with less expensive films where possible. It’s a valid business model and long term strategy to eventually get a shared universe but not trying to jam it together quickly. Let things evolve naturally, rather than trying to force it together.


I was thinking last night they should’ve rename this film: The Wacky World Of Harley Quinn. :harleyquinn_hqas:


@DeSade-acolyte you are spot on about the R rating, slight editing a couple of fight scenes, toning down the language a little and perhaps shortening the ‘forcing the woman’ to dance etc, and you have a PG13 movie. Tending showed the younger movie goers gave the higher the rating. Eliminating the younger audience definitely hurt the Box office. It also lost China, which due to the Corona virus probably would not have helped much right now. More than 3D a BOP light version ala Deadpool would probably due more for revenues. It will ultimately make money, due to its small budget, which is the way to go when experimenting with new cinematic debuts, but whether it is high enough to push hoped for sequels/follow-ups remains to be seen.


Considering the multiple LGBT characters in the movie, I doubt China would have let it in even if it was PG-13.


Agreed. Seems the “see what sticks” approach is them doing exactly that.

Also agreed, but I think getting Superman right is an essential piece of the puzzle. WW has “arrived” and seems that Batman is well on his way with a good director (one can hope). Also looks like they’re doing just what you said building that stable of characters. Superman is kind of “the elephant in the room”. The time may not be now, given that he’s getting a CW show, and that’s fine. I’m a Superman fan first and foremost, but I understand I probably won’t get my cake and get to eat it too. However, a shared DC universe -even if loosely connected- without Superman in it, misses the mark for me. We’ve talked before about the importance of the Trinity in DC. It’s fine that they take their time to get it right, but hopefully not too much time.

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I also do not disagree regarding the business aspects you explained. I do however think they picked the wrong character to experiment with. If I’m not mistaken, Harley originated in the Batman animated show, something that was all ages. She has a pretty wide appeal too. Now she’s the poster girl for DC’s more adult oriented content. The show is fine. My kids don’t watch most of what I watch on TV anyway. So nothing stopping me from watching. Going to the theater, however, it’s an event, at least for my family. We have to get up off our butts and pay quite a bit of money to go watch a movie together (usually runs me $60-$80 depending on number of tickets, including popcorn, drinks and whatnot). My little girl saw the previews for the movie and was pretty disappointed that I’m not taking her. Not sure how many dads out there feel the same way, but if it’s a large number…it’s a missed opportunity in my opinion.

You’re right about Joker being the exception to the rule. We can also argue that it’s not a comic book movie in a true sense, hence appealing to many who don’t really care for the genre. Plus it was marketed right. None of which is true for Birds of Prey and the Fabulous Emancipation of Harely Quinn… worst movie name ever.