So...apparently, Bird of Prey has the worst opening weekend :(

My point exactly. If you’re going to change the characters into something else then what’s the point using them in the first place other than name recognition.

Not that owning up to the comic book material is a guarantee you will have a hit, though.


If they’re not copying the comics for Cass, then there’s not guarantee that she’ll be Batgirl in a future movie. There is nothing in the movie that implies this. Sure, they can shoehorn in that her parents were assassins, in a later movie, but that still leaves out a lot of what makes Cassandra such unique character. As it is, there’s nothing particularly special about the film’s version.

“Might” being the operative word. Regardless of what one or two other people have said, her original origin would have worked fine in live action. I don’t know what exactly limits this prospect, so long as you get competent writers, a good stunt team, and limit the CGI.
I’m not saying they need to do a page-for-page adaptation of her origin, since Gotham being a No Man’s Land (part of which they already did in “The Dark Knight Rises”) isn’t as crucial to her introduction as everything else. But it can be done, with the right people.

Lots of freedom can be a good thing–or it can be disastrous. It all depends on who has that freedom, and what they do with it.
“I am free to draw a triangle, so long as I follow the rules of a triangle, and give it three sides. If I give it more than three sides, I am no longer free to draw a triangle.” - Fulton Sheen

Since Powell vs Alabama (1932) wasn’t used as a plot point or even mentioned or referenced in the film, it is difficult to believe it’s in any way “woke”.

It is, even in the “press tour” surrounding the movie, described as a “girl gang” movie. Given that, is it about as “Feminist agenda” as say “Iron-Man” 1 or Captain America or Thor or Batman vs Superman, are a “Masculist agenda”.

Certainly you are entitled opinion, however “woke” doesn’t seem to be supported by the script and pushing an “agenda” of some type is often done in the comic book movie format. So I personally don’t see the issue, it is a classical superhero troupe.


John Wick 2 only cost 40 million to make whereas HQ cost twice as much. A film generally needs to make around twice its production budget before it starts to be profitable.

As far as a character like Cass not working in live action, see Logan. X-23 is a much better representation of Cassandra Cain. The only real are differences are the mutant abilities and X-23 had human affection growing up. In fact, maybe that’s the reason they butchered the character, perhaps they just wanted to differentiate the characters. Still, like pointed out above, why call her Cass at that point? It’s no longer the character…

This film does kind of paint all men as self interested misogynists. “Sal” is the only thing close to positive male portrayal. That and the guy who let her run through his apartment.

They also completely wasted Derek Wilson as a cliche misogynist police officer. That’s Cory @#$%ing Wolfhart ffs

people have said the movie has an agenda, and that it paints all the men as mysoginistic and it panders. i saw none of that. This is a city that’s referred to as the crime capitol of the world. Harley murders a dude and doesnt bat an eye. Cass is a thief. The only agenda on display here is making a good dceu movie. Without going into spoilers there was more than one guy in the movie who wasnt a total p.o.s. and THAT scene with the diamond illustrates perfectly what this movie is about. A bad city turning on itself cuz of crime and greed.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for the latest breakdown of the “Birds of Prey” domestic box office results.

Feb 7, 2020 - $12,964,681
Feb 8, 2020 - $12,193,732
Feb 9, 2020 - $7,851,604
Feb 10, 2020 - $2,160,176
Feb 11, 2020 - $3,381,368
Feb 12, 2020 - $1,826,055
Feb 13, 2020 - $1,780,686
Feb 14, 2020 - $6,350,000

Worldwide Total - $160,667,690

We now send you back to your regularly scheduled programming.


I have seen it twice and it was FANTASTIC!!! FIRST TIME I SAW IT OPENING NIGHTon the IMAX SCREEN at AMC DINE IN THEATER!! The second I saw it at a B&B theater that had a thing happening the seat shook the wind blew it was cool and I’m very sure that idea came from a movie with John Goodman in it I really enjoyed the experience and plan on going to see other movies in that format


The box office with the international market included is now 160+ million. It should exceed the magical 2X level today or tomorrow. Though there’s no real rule of thumb for what encourages a sequel or spinoff but 3X is a good guess. It should start working on that some time Sunday.

Unfortunately box office mojo revised the foreign box office downward; see below


I think 3.5x is the ideal “success” multiplier. Especially for sequels in a comic book movie, but we are talking PG-13 for those historically.

I can certainly see 3.0x for an R rated comic book movie is probably more realistic as a “success” multiplier.

I think if it hits 3.0 another HQ (and Poison Ivy???) R rated movie would be warranted.

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I’m really interested to see what it does this Saturday and Sunday.

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Exactly the way I feel. Some of the Birds were dragged into this movie because for some odd reason they couldn’t pull off a Harley solo film.

After I’m sure they came to the conclusion that adding Joker would simply over shadow Harley. Being that Robbie’s production company was producing, that wasn’t going to happen.

Solution? Bring in some characters that mainstreamers haven’t heard about, give them less than desirable costumes and put them in the back - behind Harley. Harley takes the spot light, the movie has a catchy title and it won’t conflict with a recently released Joker movie.

In the end I feel the outcome of this movie may have just given the real Birds Of Prey a harder chance at being given their own proper movie.

My biggest issue was the baiting and tokenizing as well but that’s a discussion for another forum. I’ll end this with the following… Watch Wu Assassins, specifically Katheryn Winnick who’s in it. That’s your Black Canary, fun fact; she already knows how to fight as well as literally looking like and dressing like the real Dinah.

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The problem with live-action is a lot of those costumes don’t work either physically or because of the live-action character having a live-action version background that wouldn’t lead them to wear such a costume.

Most the time the comic books are going to have a better costume then the live-action. But sometimes the Live-Action has a better costume then the comic book, for example: DCEU Flash.

Cyborg also looks like his will be better when his body changes some more in the first Cyborg movie (we already saw some changes at the very end of Justice League).

But Live-Action is always a double-edge sword for making realism versions of comic book characters. There is always going to be some loses, but also some gains.

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@DeSade-acolyte this weekend is very important, being a 4 day weekend for some, Monday’s box office should be better than a typical Monday. With little new being released next week it could find itself well positioned.

I think the point of this Cassandra Cain, was to set her on a path that will lead her to become Batgirl way later on. That’s why they set a lot of blanks into her characters background (past) and future.

This way they can have the theif girl be a character, because they didn’t want her to be a random if they can include more DC characters instead. And they can give her soo much blank space about her past & future that they can still do a ton with her character with soo much freedom of what they can do with her character in future DCEU movies.

That way they can have their cake and eat it too.

The fact that Cassandra Cain is like a middle-school student with adopting parents and nothing else about her, means you shouldn’t have expected anything special from her in this point of time of her character’s existence. Hell, it was shown in all the trailers that she’s just a theif girl within this movie and wouldn’t become anything special until some future movie.

If you expected anything more that what you saw in the trailer, then i don’t know what to tell you.

The studio wanted to show you that they are gonna do something with this character in the future but not today. That was the point. That they already have plans/ideas but won’t reveal any of it until they are close to releasing such a movie for her character. This was nothing more then her most humble beginnings.

Saw the movie yesterday and really enjoyed it went with someone else and they also enjoyed it but thought the beginning was a little slow. I knew going in it was not going to be exactly like the comics however I think Margot Robbie was great as Harley and am looking forward to seeing her in Suicide Squad. Not actually sure why it is not doing as well as hoped but still would go see it again if at all possible.

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But they also painted females as self-interested including Harley and then becomes self-interested again in the movie. At the end, Harley becomes a less terrible person, but by hiw much. Huntress only wantes revenge and nothing else, and then archives it and feels emptiness, but then there’s a kid in trouble and she remembers when she was a defenseless girl so she helps out.

Black Canary’s daughter Dinah is also self-interested, until later where she’s like screw it.

Only thr cop wasn’t self-interested in this movie.

You are either talking about 4DX or MX4D. And I highly recommend you see all movies in that format.

But not all movies are in that format. Luckily, all Stereoscopic movies are in that format.

Birds of Prey was released internationally in Stereoscopic screenings, that’s why it was in 4DX and MX4D screenings.

IMAX & Dolby and Premium Large Format are garbage.

4D all the way.

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Its the first Comic Book movie not to release stereoscopic screenings.

But it was released internationally in Stereoscopic screenings. So it should do well in the international box office, especially since the last Stereoscopic movie was Christmas.

We should see a healthy box office from March to December worldwide (not so much in August & September). There’s over 40 stereoscopic movies releasing (over 50 internationally).

I never said that. In fact I believe I made it very clear that I haven’t I seen it and therefore I can’t say if I like it or not. I CAN however say how I prefer comic book movies and based on the trailers for BOP it doesn’t seem like the type I prefer. But as I’ve also stated I’m probably going to see it at some point, and I might find it enjoyable, but I’m just not rushing to the theaters to do so.

As for the portrayal of Cassandra Cain I can’t really discuss it much as I have no first-hand knowledge of how she is handled. From what I’ve read seems like even if they do set her on a path to become Batgirl at a later point (or Orphan or whatever) it doesn’t seem like she will be much like the one from the comics as her entire backstory seems to be very different, to the point where they can’t really use what made her who she is in the comics. But, as I said, this is purely based on second-hand knowledge and I don’t like to make judgments about things I haven’t seen.


Yes that’s the name of it and it was incredible I LOVED IT and the price was the same as the IMAX done and screen was empty except for my 3 & two other people but that 4D had maybe 8 people and my 3 I DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT AT ALL