So it is going to be Titans Season 02 -> Harley Quinn -> Stargirl- Doom Patrol Season 02 - YJ Season 04?

What’s after that?

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Well for one, it’s unlikely we’ll see anything from Young Justice Season 4 for at least 2 years.


I expect we’ll be getting more news at NYCC this year. We only know up through Stargirl for now, but I suspect Comic Con could offer insight into the future


I really feel like they should add more of what they have officially in their licensing. Example Under The Hood Watchmen that was pleasant, There are I think a few more Motion Comics, missing BTAS Documentary and a Forever Evil, and Beware The Batman.


Hopefully a new show announced. SOMETHING has to replace Swamp Thing. I can’t expect DCU to actually believe they can get more subscribers by just having these shows


Yes I high hopes for NYCC

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