So What Do You Think Will Happen at the End of Tom King’s Batman Catwoman?

Do you think Catwoman will kill Joker in Batman Catwoman
  • Yes
  • No

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Personally, I would like to see Catwoman off The Joker but I would also like to see her tell him just as she is about to end him, you know what Bruce was right, your not worth it.

They drink hot chocolate together.

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=)…-_-… you would drink hot chocolate with the Joker?

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I am doing it right now. It helps me to keep an eye on him. I am trying to teach him that their are other ways to happiness than poisoning, shooting, and stabbing people.


Hmm, how’s that working out…hope you confiscated his acid flower…you forgot he also likes to blow people up.

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It is a work in progress. Thankfully Robin is incredibly good at reattaching my limbs by now.

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Should be easier now that joker has a broken neck.

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His broken neck is surprisingly nimble.

that’s why you always bring a neck brace when you fight the joker… :laughing: dark humor.

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closed the poll cause it’s been offically answered.