So what will replace Swamp Thing?

I loved that DP and YJ were renewed.

I wasn’t truly expecting a new show(s) to replace Swamp Thing that quick but I dont think just having these line up is suffice to reach more audience. I really hope something new will be announced. I feel like save swamp thing noise has died down unfortunately :frowning:.

About time the save Swamp Thing was laid to rest. It’s cancelled, done and dusted. Let’s all move on.

I think HQ will bring in more viewers. She’s a big name and a big draw.


Save Swamp Thing! It’s amazing! Needs 10 seasons!


I honestly don’t think anybody will really be missing Swamp Thing in the long run. The shows’s fine, but I can’t see it going beyond another season. It doesn’t help that the title character barely has any screen time and instead the story is told primarily through the perspective of everyone else. To me this just lends credence that Swamp Thing on his own is not enough to sustain a medium like this.

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Animated shows don’t bring in subs as much as live action. If that’s the case, HBO Max/Disney+/Netflix would be creating more animated shows but the new wave right now is live action.

I know this is more the niche audience but I have couple of friends who are into DC but hasn’t subscribe yet. Something has to replace Swamp Thing soon.

It’d be interesting for someone to slice all the footage containing Swamp Thing into a single video. I can’t imagine it’d be an entire hour (1/10 of the series).

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I will miss Swamp Thing but we really got the best end of the deal: the production quality was great for a streaming service of this caliber. I’m not opposed to animated content and looking forward to the animated films and Harley Quinn, but the animation quality has been stale for the longest.

We are still getting Stargirl supposedly so we still have something to look out for. I would be okay with them doing mini-series to give us variety of content like a Constantine one to follow up on Swamp Thing. Not sure if it is possible, but worth a shot. Awhile back, I recall WB wanting a Trench spin-off from Aquaman. Feel like that is something they can bring one the service

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The Save Swamp Thing clamor would be put right with an official reason for cancellation. An honest and actual reason would really help. I love the show, even with the limited Swamp Thing appearances. After all, they have to set up the story before it can delve into the creature, and they did a great job while keeping it interesting. Not an easy task.


Trench is a movie release. Unless we hear something different, HBO Max will have first dibs on that after the theatrical run.

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I disagree. Animated shows can bring people in. YJ coming back for S3 was a big “carrot” for me. Also animation is cheaper to produce than live-action. I think HQ is coming to test the water about doing animated series that aren’t necessarily “for kids”. Marvel’s Netflix was very low on CGI. They would need to bring in the same type of characters, street level heroes or someone like The Question. A series relatively cheap to produce.

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Personally, I would have much rather seen more Swamp Thing and LESS Doom Patrol! Swamp Thing is a much more interesting show. Doom Patrol was a stupid concept as a comic and it is even more so as a tv show. I mean really, what is the point of Doom Patrol? It isn’t funny, I didn’t care how it ended because well it sucked! I know this isn’t “politically correct,” but it seems you can have a poorly written script with actors who phone in their performances and seem just as bored acting in the show as I was watching the stupid thing get a second season as long as you focus on the gay characters! I am not homophobic, I don’t care what people do to be happy, but honestly, most of that season was just a statement about gay rights.

Ingloki, you really didn’t pay attention to season 1. Yes there was a major gay storyline, but there was also a huge mental health storyline, a big sexual abuse storyline, a father-daughter storyline, and every show built on the characters learning to accept themselves as they are. Sorry you missed all that, as well as some great performances as well as great actors. I guess when you focus on one aspect (the gay storyline) you will miss out…


Nothing can replace Swamp Thing … in our hearts…