Something to Think About When Worrying About the Future of DC Universe


This service is ending? :smirk:

Sarcasm aside, I hadn’t really heard any new rumors about it’s impending doom. I admit I don’t read news sites. I just always think of it as a comic reading app first. Social second. I love that animated stuff is here. As far as the expensive live-action programming goes, well, it’s sweet and all, but I would be here just as much without it.

I feel like there is a “failure” attitude because it’s compared to bigger streaming apps. Oh, and WB just confuses the issue with HBO Max crossover. There isn’t enough original content to compare it to anything else. I don’t even consider it in competition with others. I doubt WB does either.

I don’t mean any of that in a bad way either. All the good feels.

A lot of why people think it is “failing” is because of this forum. Don’t get me wrong I love this forum, but Netflix if they had one would likely have a lot of people criticizing and threatening to quit. But that group can at times complain the loudest but not always represent the majority. But people see it only focus on the negative post and say “boy people are unhappy” never taking into account reading 10 post out of 100 criticizing the servies does not actually mean most are unhappy. But that is how most people process that kind of info.

Good point! It’s not just the forums here. I took a look at the comments over at Dark Horizons about Swamp Thing and was that ever a mistake!

You’d think this service did something to each of the commentators families for the vitriol they were spilling. Most proclaimed the service DOA despite the fact DC Universe has been running for almost two years.


I love the service. I don’t care that stuff gets shown elsewhere because this is first and foremost a cheap way to read comics. The cartoons are good but i consider them a bonus. I don’t even watch the live action stuff


“Swamp Thing” might have been saved if WB/DC had tried to negotiate the best filming discount be applied to future seasons since the ability for S1 was missed

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Since all the movie and TV content on this site will be availible on the HBO MAX app, what ill be the point of this app in the future?

We don’t know all the shows will be availiable on HBO MAX. (unless they announced something today I missed). So far we only know that Titans will air on both. There has been no mention of any other DC Universe shows being on the app, and none have been used for promotion. As far as we know and as far as they have ever said no original shows besides doom Patrol will be on the app.

As far as arcvhived shows I and others did notice footage of the DCAU was on the last trailer for HBO MAX, although I think just Superman and Batman TAS. So possible some of the archived shows will be but again so far all we saw on the trailer were those two and it still hasn’t been announced (although if they are on the trailer would seem to imply they will be.)

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What’s the general fear level in the community as far as resources actually being devoted to this service when HBOmax launches?

It varies. Some are thinking that it is “done” but most figure it will at least survive as a comics only app, some feel it will survive more or less as is but likely not grow real quickly. Although obviously we are guessing like everyone else. Applejack has said she is not worried however, and given she works for them that does count for something.


I have zero fear. I think ever since the announcement in July at San Diego Comic Con about Doom Patrol season two airing simultaneously on HBO Max and DC Universe, myself and others have seen people panic over little to no information and wild speculation. After a while you kind of become numb to it.

But like @DanTheManOne1 said, Applejack says there’s nothing to worry about. This service isn’t going anyway and they’re not taking original content off of here to go to HBO Max despite what some clickbait articles have to say.


There is certainly no reason why many, preexisting video couldn’t remain shared between HBOMAX and DCU.

DCU will do a few originals that can be done in lower budgets, like animation and serve as a test bed for new show ideas and styles. But, it’s unlikely, IMO, that new content will remain exclusive to DC Universe. Certainly no longer than its initial run.

Stargirl and Doom Patrol are both really good examples of how having a test bed platform can be beneficial.

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Well, DC Universe just won the Webby Award, so hopefully that will speak volumes to any of the “suits” who are making decisions. Long Live DC Universe!


I just want to share my opinion on this since The Snyder Cut was announced on HBO Max, which pretty much cemented that I would be subscribing to it.

I don’t exactly “fear” about the future of DCUniverse, but I fear about eventually cancelling my subscription to either one of the services in the future when I really want to to support WarnerMedia, and especially DC, in any way I can.

My ideal wish would be either combining the two services(as far as the TV/Movie offerings go), or giving a discount to those who are subscribed to both.

Not sure they read this

I wonder if they will ever eventually release the Snyder Cut to purchase on dvd or digital? I simply can’t afford to have a ton of subscriptions. I’d rather stay here, because of the Comics especially, but I also would love to finally see the Snyder Cut. I just wish all of these companies would just get their ducks in a row, and stop making the customer switch all the time. I’m hoping that they eventually release it to purchase. So I can see it. :sunglasses:

The future of DC Universe will be clear the day it is put in the past :wink:

I’ve read so many things said on this forum from doom and gloom to overly optimistic but nobody knows what’s going to happen to this service or ANY service tomorrow.

They just launched a new Rewards program. It ends in September of this year. Something is happening in September. We don’t know what that is, but that’s as far into the future as even this service seems to be projecting.

Look at Walmart spending $3 billion on Jet. Now they are shuttering it a couple years later. That’s billions of dollars down a rathole. Who would have predicted that? Meanwhile, Walmart is showing major profits in their brick and mortar operation due to the pandemic. They are killing it in their main sector.

The only two streaming services that seem reasonably stable to me at the moment are Amazon – because they have ridiculous amounts of cash and Disney for the same reason. The latter is taking a lot of financial pain at the moment, but they own too many valuable IP to go under any time soon.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Netflix ends up in trouble someday – their balance sheet is wrecked and despite having 160+ million subscribers they are spending more than they make. In the financial business world, that doesn’t say much for longevity.

So, to the person who wrote above that if Netflix had a forum, you can bet there would be customers complaining, of course there would be. This is the internet, I’ve been here for a long, long time and report that people complain about everything everywhere they can. Sometimes they’re right, most times they’re wrong.

Nobody knows the future until it becomes the past.

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