Something to Think About When Worrying About the Future of DC Universe

I agree

One of the best things about DC Universe was that the classic TV shows never rotated out.

HBO Max is only interested in
New Movies or TV shows

But Classic like Gone with Wind or Wizard of Oz

It is NOT a comprehensive site
Like Disney ÷
Where you can find things like
The original Mouseketers show of the 1960s

HBO Max doesn’t have
Old TV show
Like Maverick or 77 Sunset Strip
Just new stuff.

The DC page on HBO Max is currently about 60 titles

That is enough for any viewer in any given month

A 200 items menu.would be too much for the typical subscribers

They also rotate Titles out in rapidly

To encourage bingers to stay on service

To enckurage buying your favorite title
Rather than expecting it to be on HBO Max

Every Dc Fandom Panel
Ended with. A card
Own it today.

HBO wouldn’t be interested
In much of our classic video library

If they did include a title

If the Title
Didnt get msny hit
It would be rotated oot forever

If it had
Many many hits
It woul#
Be rotated out
For several months
Encourage you to buy
Your favorite missing entries

Many of the titles
In our library
Wont be available anywhere


Sure, but I feel it’s necessary to bad-mouth The WB whenever possible. Down with those late 90s/early 00s hipsters!


Is it possible to use Gift cards to get HBO then get HBOMAX? This is an actual question


I want to say by the end of the year this service goes belly up. At this point the comics are the only thing keeping it afloat. If they added brand new comics every month I’d stick around.

I really want DC Universe to stick around. If they will let me/my wife do a once a year payment next year, I’ll stay. If not, not. I don’t like monthly subs, but it looks like year in advance isn’t available now. Am I mistaken?

Are you an annual member now?


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Re future


So now that Doom Patrol is going to debut on HBO Max for Season 3, is it also going to show on DC Universe? Is this the end of DC Universe? It would be nice to get some real answers as I spent the money for a whole year pass and now all the shows that I expected to be able to see are going to HBO Max. What in the world is going on? This is ridiculous.

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DC Universe is changing its format

Jim Lee maybe this Saturday will announce this new format

Comics books stay
Probably more comics

Community stays

ALL video leaves

From Applejack


I’m done with DC universe then. Wont be renewing for this price if all we get are the comics that’s for sure. Wont be getting HBO maxx either. This has been a bullshit bait and switch. Good thing there are other ways to watch them.

There are no legal ways unless you are planning to wait for the Blu-Ray releases.

I bought the streaming versions from Google Play Movie for a lot of stuff

Luckily I was too old for Superfriends Superboy.and Shazam. Still it was a lot of money but the alternative is anger and frustration

I doubt most of our classic TV show will go to HBo Max and its rotation is way woese than here

AT&T wants you to buy the videos. Very little of the material that does go there will be in anyway permanent.

I could really care less if they get rid of the movies and tv shows, I have an hbo max sub and what they don’t offer on their I’ll just get the blu ray. It would suck if they got rid of the comics but then I’d just buy the comic too. The only thing that I would absolutely hate to see go is the community forums. The people on here are awesome and I love being able to geek out whenever I want by reading a few posts on my phone


Also Jim Lee confirmed that DCU is gonna be comics and community only, which I’m not opposed to.


Did you read that?

The link I shared? Yeah, Although I didn’t read the full interview… Should I have?

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His wording didn’t nessecarily word out that streaming video might stay, just not the original shows. Although given later comments from Applejack doesn’t sound like it will.


Yeah I’ve read a few more things around the inter webs that confirm video going. Personally I could care less, I just hope once video streaming does go away I can buy an annual subscription instead of the monthly


It’s not worth the price without the video. They are going to have to reduce it drastically if they expect people to stay.

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