🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 18 Discussion Thread

Can’t help wondering where dick is


Honestly, the way Beast Boy is portrayal is cringey to me. Just sounds corny asf. Other than that the show is the best animated series going.

I was sure jayce (sp?) was dirty but turns out she had concerns about Violet. Cant wait to see where that reveal goes.

I also want to see what happens to Klarion when Fate gets home🤣. The end credits had me rollin.

It seems the Outsiders may have just placed a huge target on their backs by becoming such a big deal publicly and the look on Gar’s face said as much.


Halo cheating is horrible. Definitely going to cause chaos, I love it. Still though, don’t cheat it’s wrong, I just hope they don’t sort of glorify Halo cheating on Brion, but instead pile on it with Gabrielle causing the death of Brion’s parents but add she’s dying, that would be fun


I’m probably gonna get hate for this but Halo and Harper’s kiss feels forced. We’ve only seen them together once before this and there was nothing I noticed hinting towards anything between them. I love the dealing with gender identity because it does make since. The kiss did not to me. I don’t know, I just wish they had built up to it better.


I agree with you cjarvis it felt forced. Halo is really screwing up though. Cheating on Brion, drinking, getting arrested, etc. Here’s hoping she pulls through.

Also, aren’t Harper and Halo voiced by the same actress… that must have been a weird recording session.

I’m not gonna lie… this episode was incredible! We got to see Zatanna kick witchboy’s ass and we got to see how Halo handles the idea of their own death, (since halo doesn’t know which gender feels right I’ll just refer to they instead of she/her) not very well, but who would if they found out they had months to live. I feel bad for Brion though, dudes the embodiment of perfect, but since Gabrielle had a hand in his parents deaths then I understand dodging the texts… but Harper and Halo drinking and kissing… like bro though the man under the bus if you’ll dump him that fast! Jk still that’s adding to the possible origin of Halo quite possibly turning on the team or killing someone. All in all 9.5/10 + :pleading_face: Mrs. Garrick DIED!!! Why her man… it was painful enough to see her in the bed…


All these people going on about gender identity need to stop, this isn’t one of your Tumblr fan fictions. Anyway, about the funeral that keeps getting mentioned throughout the episode… did I miss something? When was it mentioned in previous episodes that Joan Garrick was dead or dying? Was there any focus on the Garrick family in this season that would necessitate mentioning this funeral multiple times?

Also, as for the Outsiders being bigger than the Justice League… just no. Plus the team should be led by Batman or Nightwing, not Beast Boy. On a positive note, it was great to see Zatanna.


So glad to see Zatanna and Klarion back! We need to bring back some of the magical characters in Young Justice!


While I enjoyed the episode, the lack of Nightwing really has me feeling the mode.


gotham harper > happy harbor harper. her origin story is fucking amazing but i just dont see how they can pull that off in this continuity which makes me sad bc she was my favorite character in batman and robin eternal

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In all honesty I was pump for the second half of the season but I’m kinda underwhelmed with the outcome so far. I love seeing new characters and trust me more than ecstatic to see my boy Static Shock. But fr tho where is the OG crew, they get no show time. Especially when they tease all this dope stuff. I.E Superboy and Ms. Martian engagement, Dick Grayson and Red Hood. I fr miss seeing Aqualad going off and putting in some work. NOT a fan of them trying to force Clone Roy Harper and Artemis together. I’ve been hoping they go towards something with the speed force to hopefully see KidFlash again🙏. So this hole Gar is the leader of this more cultural aware young Justice team, but more serious Teen Titans not crash at all.


Sorry meant Agent Dick Grayson, and Red Hood tease

@Super-Squirrel doesn’t Bart live with Jay and Joan? I don’t know, maybe I’m not remembering this correctly. We saw Bart in the Allens’ home in this season though so he might be staying with Iris and Barry now since he’d be a big help taking care of speedster toddlers.

Seeing Zatanna and Klarion reminded me of the early episodes, which was great.

I’ve got a feeling Dr.Jayce might not be telling the truth about Violet’s condition.

And while this week wasn’t a nearly as cringey with Gar’s dialogue, the “we are all outsiders” did not come off organic at all. I’m kind of hoping the writers are setting it up so the team takes a hard hit. Otherwise everything is going too well for them and that’s not compelling at all.


I’m gonna be totally honest, I’m not thrilled with the season thus far. It feels clunky, like there’s both too much and not enough going on.

But, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the violet/Harper kiss. To see that, plus a non-binary character in violet, is very encouraging.


So I was uncomfortable during the Halo and Harper scene. Not because of the whole kissing bit, but just the whole situation in general. And I love that I was uncomfortable. I think that was the exact emotion the writers were going for. Well executed, well acted, and well animated made the scene feel organic and accurate to how frightening teen/ young adult life can be.

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Geez, what an awful Cop this lady in Happy Harbor is turning out to be. Some kids getting drunk and shooting bottles on the beach shore, miles away from anyone else? “Stop right there criminal scum, or I’ll murder the whole lot of you!!!” Escalating things way too fast. Small town sheriffs do not do that to people they know, who are just Plinking. And if they do come in to stop that stuff, they’re much more casual about it. “Hey there, Harper, what did I tell you about shooting bottles by the ocean? You know you’re not supposed to do this.”

And then this garbage cop has the gall to act like she’s the hero, because she was just so nice to call everyone’s parents, and send them away with a warning, after she threatened to murder them in cold blood for barely anything. Oh yea, big hero cop. You saved those bottles from those dirty teenagers. And she has to know that Harper’s apparently very absent parental unit probably isn’t a great guy. Sending that poor girl into the lion’s den, because I don’t know. This character seems to only act in such a way to facilitate Drama on the show. No Police Officer should function as a pawn of some unseen writer who’s kind of running out of ideas with all these side plots going on.


Well, the cop sees two teenagers drinking first, and goes up to arrest them. Then, she sees that they have a gun, so she pull out a gun of her own, just in case these kids under the influence of alcohol do something stupid like fire a gun at her. Calling their parents actually seems like letting them off kind of easy to me. I think standard protocol would be to bring them into jail. I don’t know much about how cops work, but her actions seemed totally justified to me.


Any thoughts on the new batch of meta teens? I think Anima, Loose Cannon, and Serpenteen are there, but am wondering about the others. The girl with the nails COULD be a version of Owlwoman.