STARGIRL is Coming!

This weeks episodes were awesome. Can’t wait for Crisis the build up keeps getting better and better.

Arrow starts to be more nostalgic and saying goodbye to a lot of it’s characters like Anatole. Man feels like yesterday he was stranded on the island.


It was nice to see Anatole again.


Couldn’t have asked for a better final season for the original Arrowverse show


TITANS IS #1 FOR ME!:princess:t5::bat::woman:t2::tiger2:! On CW :heart_eyes:BLACK LIGHTNING SLAYS THEN :ok_hand:t4:BATWOMAN! I cant sit thru flash and supergirl after their second seasons & Arrow wasn’t for me from jump.#SorryNotSorry

It’s the penultimate episode of season 2! (11/22/2019)

TITANS on the DCU!

S2:E12 — Hank finds himself at a new low, cage-fighting for money, when he finds an imposter now acting as Hawk.

And next week…




I’m a little behind in my Arrowverse shows this week… I’ve only seen Batwoman and Supergirl

Batwoman remains solid week byy week, and Kate finally showed she sees–, well, actually sees Mary.

But Supergirl proved that quality and entertainment are in the storytelling. Leviathan are aliens who crash landed and killed the dinosaurs. They caused the flood, and all sorts of biblical and historical disasters. This could have been a cliched yawn, and it just wasn’t-- it adapted well into the style of the show. And I’m usually just bored with the complaints about the acting in the CW shows, but really, questioning Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath’s work here is what would be questionable.


I couldn’t agree more about Melissa and Katie. I was especially blown away by Katie’s performance in the last episode and don’t ever wanna hear any more complaints about how she can’t act


This is the best answer to the Nightwing naming question I’ve seen in a long while.


Its getting juicy

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wow, pretty outstanding penultimate episode of Titans

didn’t want to like it at first, not after Gar wrecked the coffee shop, but then Rose and Slade, plus Hawk’s battle against both himself and a literal fight club won me over … in less than an hour I was mad, sad, disappointed, laughing, encouraged, excited and hopeful

no matter what, photography, locations, vehicles, set dressing in this show are consistently unique and amazing

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Supergirl and Batwoman were amazing. That Lena / Kara scene was intense. Batwoman is consistently good. I’m all in for the upcoming mad and creepy tea party.

The last moments of the Flash: I was uneasy when Ralph said he’d defend the city with his dying breath. Then the cliffhanger and scary moment at the end didn’t help my unease. Leave Ralph alone!

Titans was ok for me. I’m not happy seeing Gar like that. And if Gar is like that, what on earth have they done to Conner? Guess we’ll find out next week.

Arrow :raised_hands:
Anatoly is a favorite of mine. I’m liking the kids now, and I love dad-Arrow. Another excellent episode. And that ending was awesome.

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As for TITANS…

Killing or permanently writing out Donna or Rachel-- or anyone-- really won’t make any sense dramatically. They killed Jericho and he’s been locked in his evil father’s head for five years. Writing Donna out having teased Roy Harper-- that’s just wrong. Of course, ‘fall’ doesn’t have to mean ‘die.’ Rachel could lose herself to her dark side while saving Gar from mind control, and Donna could find herself called to Olympus or something using too much power to stop a mind-controlled Conner-- or even some kind of surprise reversal. It could be as simple as the Titans accepting Ravager as one of their own, and this drives Jason to turn a bit more Red Hood. Or Jason sacrifices himself to save Rose from Slade-- That would be less redundant to Jericho’s previous sacrifice, or Garth stepping in front of a bullet-- so it could work, and fall on the genuinely dramatic side, and not be a kind of fridging. Of course, Donna, Jason, and Rachel all have resurrection story lines in the comics. Oddly, there’s no sign of Jericho in the trailer for next week–or Krypto! It’s even possible that the Bruce Wayne in the Elko diner was Kronos or Zeus or something. There’s a lot to go down next episode regardless-- particularly given the usual length of only 40-44 minutes, No TV show, or even comic, is ever going to be perfect in its representation of anyone’s favorite characters-- and the biggest weakness of Titans, even more so this year, is a lack of screen time for the individual characters. No, there aren’t too many of them-- this has been storytelling choice-- and one that needs to be adjusted in a third season.


Was that really Bruce Wayne in the Elko diner?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but Bruce somehow ascended to godhood

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The estrogen on Batwoman and Supergirl is getting so thick you can cut it with a spoon. Target demographic, so I get it. However…it’s getting to be a bit of a slog.

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Just to make sure I understand: are you saying estrogen makes the show sloggy?