STARGIRL is Coming!

Another good week.

Let’s start wish flash. The season overall as it came to an end was a pretty good season. I enjoyed the first half more. I just really liked bloodsport and his “zombie” invasion and the dark flash. The second half was a really slow start but coming back from crisis will do that to you. But near the end it really picked up and became great. The finale had moments it felt like one and others were it didn’t. The action was great. Looks like they found a way to keep sue around. The way this mirror master is has grown on me and I really like it. Nash’s smoke bomb scene was cool. Enjoy a smoke bomb. In the a cliffhanger due to the virus which stinks but hey what you gonna do. Just have to wait until next season. Also joe is back so the cool.

SG- a good episode. Enjoyed the action. Haven’t scene some great action in that in a few episodes. The martians in the fight too was nice. And looks like they might get together. That’s cool but puts that bad feeling in my gut the Miss M will ask John to come with her to Mars now that it’s heading towards peace giving him an exit to the show. I hope it doesn’t happen because I enjoyed seeing Manhunter but if that’s how it goes at least he’ll be happy. Brainy conflicted Lena and Sg rebuilding the friendship. And as always lex’s plans grow. Also Alex a vigilante has me curious. Who will she be?

BW- hush was great. Enjoyed how they made him in this universe. Alices plans continue and Luke got captured. Nice that they had that moment of a bat doesn’t work without a guy in the chair in there ear. A glowing green rock. Kryptonite. Maybe that was Fox’s plan to get a Super to kill the bat. Probably leading to Batwoman v supergirl. Well maybe do next season at least.

Legends- a classic fun legends episode. Undercover mischief, goof off; stuff went wrong, and a fun way to fix it. Mic and his daughters story was fun. Enjoying that. The college was your stereotypical college party with frats sororities beer and more. But still fun as always. A lot of Greek gods this season. Maybe leading to a Wonder Woman thing happening or something. I doubt it but who knows.


More come to an end.

Batwoman- season as whole a very great first season. Did great bringing Gotham to the Arrowverse. Great villains heroes and more. Did very well especially coming off a big crossover and being in the middle of the biggest crossover they ever had. The episode itself was definitely not a finale but worked nice for what they did. The kryptonite killing the bat still sounds odd to me. I think it has more to do with getting a super mad. The action was nice tensions rise between the Kane family. Julia’ enemies peek in. Mouses death was very sad. But very well done. And Hush as Bruce is awesome. Didn’t think they’d reveal a Bruce already but they did.

Supergirl- this season a slow start and got very confusing post Crisis but definitely a good season overall. Enjoyed the Martian stuff this season. The brother story in the first half. Lex was always a blast but leviathan has been all over the place. This finale was great. Could tell at some moments those at home recording added but still great. John and Megan in the beginning were funny. Alex suit looked cool. Wonder what her name will be. The action great. Lex’s plan continues and brainy goes for a very awesome sacrifice scene. Probably will make it out though. The tech leviathan looked awesome. And a nice cliffhanger for next season.

Legends- a fun zombie episode. Enjoyed the zombie humor and the stupid army. John and Z got together and everybody dies. Multiple time. That was fun. Gary and Gidian’s adventure was very fun. Looks like Charlie has a plan and the story continues.

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