Stargirl S1, E1 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

I really need Wesley Dodds. So bummed he didn’t get any action.


Thank you to my wife for being the person I can watch Stargirl with!:kissing_heart:

Wasn’t a bad 1st episode…we could do with seeing a different interpretation of American high school instead of the bog standard one where the newbie gets put on the no-friends table for lunch and stands up to the bully, and they stole the cloak of levitation can think for itself bit from Dr. Strange with the cosmic staff…

But it was great to see the JSA in live action. And I have a soft spot for the character Geoff Johns created and named after loosing his daughter. So I’ll be watching…

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I actually can’t wait for more episodes!! Loving it:) I wonder if we’d be seeing Red Tornado


I was slowly waiting on watching this episode (busy rewatching Harley Quinn) and had an hour to kill Saturday. The first five minutes hooked my inner comic nerd instantly. I was quickly invested in how a group of “mediocre” villains gain the upper hand in KILLING a group of Golden Age (gee whiz energy). Plus Joel Mchale is an instant draw. The intro of the family to Blue Valley was giving me a teenaged CW drama feel (not a fan), but the action and familial sincerity in the later minutes made me forget that “angst”. I loved recognizing Henry Thomas. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the season, especially the possibility of the JSA and the new JSA.

I was worried, too, that the CW feel would permeate hard and the moving scene was teasing it, but I was surprised they nixed it for that dark humor action feel.

Excellent first episode. Can’t wait for the second show to air soon. I may even go back and read a few of the JSA comics.


It wasnt Geoff’s daughter it was his sister that passed.

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At first you had my curiosity, now you have my attention! :nerd_face:

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I was actually surprised by the premiere a lot diffrent take from the other shows on the CW! Needs more attention


Yeah, I agree. And welcome to the community @thewhitewolf26.71658!

The Shade is not a part of this series.

Yeah, the owl was a nice touch!

I agree with your assessment of the Shade.

That black hand was massive(!) and didn’t correspond at all to the size of the CG Grundy that was later chasing Stripesy’s car.

First off, I LOVE the snippets we got of the JSA. I’m definitely looking forward to getting some more content on the original superhero team!!! I’m especially looking forward to seeing more of Dr. Mid-Nite (or is it Dr. Midnight? I think this character is coming back as Beth Chapel, but I can’t remember off the top of my head). I’ve always been a much bigger fan of JSA than I ever was of JLA. I also love how they kept Courtney as a high schooler like she was in the series from Geoff Johns. It was also nice to see some classic villains making a return. ALSO, a sentient cosmic staff that comes off as kind of sarcastic? LOVE that!!! Tbh the cosmic staff is the “character” I’m relating to the most at this point.

In addition to the actual story line, I loved the setting and soundtrack. That was one of my favorite parts of this first episode actually. Blue Valley felt classic and timeless. Just a great vibe overall.

BUT I do have some issues with the first episode. First, it relies on so many cliches!!! A bully jock, really? An extremely cliquey high school environment where the new kid is rejected? How original. I would have liked to have seen some more creativity in that area. Second, the story line moved way too quickly. Courtney moved, got her powers, AND met Brainwave all in the first episode. I would have loved to see the storyline slowed down a bit to give the writers time to flesh out these characters. SIDE NOTE: I thought Brainwave’s son became like Brainwave Jr. and he wasn’t a villain??? He works with Black Adam and Atom Smasher in the newer JSA stuff from Geoff Johns, and makes other appearances after that. He definitely has some moral gray zones (sometimes dark gray zones, but that has other causes. Anyway, I digress) but still. I just never saw him as a bully jock like he was presented as in the first episode. Maybe I’m wrong though.

In addition to the issues I had with the storyline, there were some other details that were just off. Take the costumes, for example. I’m sorry but Brainwave’s costume looked cheap. The costumes of the JSA characters at the beginning didn’t look that great either.

Overall, great Pilot. I’m truly looking forward to this series!

These are just my opinions. And what’s the beauty of an opinion? It’s subjective friends! Agree with me or don’t, it’s up to you!

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First episode was awesome, and just scored that exclusive poster from the rewards program to boot! Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!


My bad…

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It looks like they’ll introduce a new JSA generation. I think that will be fun

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I understand that, but how do you explain. The hand literally forming out of an black ink like substance that was the same size as Dr. Midnight?

It wasnt Grundy unless they are really messing with giving him powers like that.

When we first see Grundy walking out of the door frame you see his hand and it was no where the size of the hand that grabbed Midnight.

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No worries it’s a simple mistake.

Great episode! I am hoping Doctor Midnite is still alive. Plus, I’m assuming we might get a nod towards the Seven Soldiers of Victory since we have Justin the Janitor. I’m hoping to see the Shining Knight suit up as the season goes forward.

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