Stargirl S1, E13 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

Thats was very good i like how they bookended the beginning and end of the series with christmas, starman and mmbop


Shade! Eclipso!

I really! Really hope for All-Star Squadron in season 2.

Oh and GO MIKE!



Wow this gets posted super early. THEY SHOULD KEEP DOING SEASON 2 THIS WAY!!!


Great Season! My families’ favorite DC show by far!


Short episode time wise but got all of the story in.

I had a feeling Henry would show up and Yolanda saw right through the imagery. That issue will come up next season. Also Yolanda did jump off the building.

Beth will have to work more face to face with the other team members since Chuck is on the injured list. Great thinking about the tunnels. The hint was there.

Rick started to feel for Grundy much in the way Harkgirl did in Justice League so would like to see more in that dynamic. He also said to Pat that STRIPE wasn’t needed to save Barbara.

Interested in seeing how the next team of villians will operate and will Artemis, Issac and Cameron be part of it.


this was an amazing season finale! extremely heartwarming and really gives a sense of family with the JSA! Also the ending had me absolutely mind blown!! I didn’t expect that in the SLIGHTEST!!!


What a great episode!!

I was surprised at the amount of special effects on screen. :exploding_head:
They really out-did themselves!!

When Henry showed up + explained his ‘survival’ I was about to turn the episode off BUT THANKFULLY the writers pulled one over my head. :+1:

It felt like we got multiple after-credit scenes and an ‘epilogue’ scene stacked in the end which felt weird. I loved all of it + want these episodes to go longer so I ain’t complaining just the episode felt weirdly stretched at the end idk.

NGL my eyes got watery when Courtney gave Pat the present meant for her Dad. :cry:

I’m pumped Joel McHale is going to be in Season 2 (Big Fan). His survival is just another of a million questions I have for what’s happening next season. :dizzy_face:

I’m a bit confused about the whole ‘killing is bad’ thing with Yolanda since in episode 10 she was slashing minions and there were blood splatter and ‘noises’ of blood when she used her sharp claws so yeah…

Mike coming in with the kill was pretty funny lol

So many great moments it’s hard to list them all. Everything wrapped up pretty dang great.


Holy Finale Batman that was awesome™️.

The fiddler’s son evil starts. Wonder how he’ll react to his moms death.

Beth was great in the battle with gambler. Very smart thinking with the money. Such a classic villain thing. “How dare you donate my money to charity”. And poor Chuck. Hope to see him rebuilt.

Grundy was awesome™️. Definitely worth the wait he looks amazing. Wow. And his fight awesome™️.The S.T.R.I.P.E fight was amazing. Such an awesome™️ fight.

Tyler fighting was great. The battle with Grundy amazing. Then the end. Who could hit the sad Grundy face. Hope we see him again maybe helping them.

Yolanda was great in the brawl too. The scene with Henry had me for a minute. But the throat slit I knew it was brainwave. Wow what a death.

A little prediction with the team for S2.

Yolanda dealing with the killing and I think brainwave got in her head somehow maybe. The mind power noises were suspicious. But not to control her to torment or something with his or Henry’s death.

Beth dealing with rebuilding Chuck. And maybe going blind in the process maybe with midnights being blind. Wonder if her friend desperation might friend the wrong person.

And Henry seemed happy. Maybe not killing Grundy may get to him but I think he’s pretty good.

Sportsmaster, Tigress, were nice in the fight. Cool to see them fighting the JSA easily since makes sense that they trains and the other a weren’t that much.

Dragon king dies by shiv. Should have saw that coming.

Justin was great. Such and awesome™️ Fight. And at the end sad he didn’t kill the dragon. But more to fight. Wonder if he’ll find the 7 solider and his steed. Such a nice guy.

The finale icicle fight. He was crazy. Man wow. And nice brawl of emotions and fist. The Mike pop up. Didn’t see that coming wonder if he’ll rebuild.

Buddy adorable as ever. I love bulldogs.

Pat very great in this. Saved Barb for the hero rooftop kiss. Great aground.
And Barb was great too. Letting icicle know the truth.

Courtney was great. Amazing fight scenes all around with the ISA. The moment with mind pat saying she’s his daughter. Amazing. The battle with icicle awesome.

The holiday party scene. Getting me in the Christmas mood to early. But the team hanging out nice. And the gift moment with the gift the was going to be for her real dad was very sweet. Those moment are the best and what I enjoyed for her comics. The end flying his in the sky a classic supermove. Just great.

Now the teases.

Shade is back will he be good or bad. Very cool accent though.

The Eclipso diamond. I’m really excited for it. Didn’t see it coming wow I’m exited for that.

And Starman is back or is he. Is it him is it an imposter. Who knows.

(Fun fact I just found out the little girl with the dad in the street was the daughter of a marvelous man of iron there films)

So one season end and another is in the. Such an amazing first season can’t wait for more. Can Yolanda deal with the killing? Will Henry go for Grundy again? Can Chuck be repaired? What’s with Starman? Will we see the 7 soldiers? Will Mike move up on the team? How will Courtney lead the new JSA? Will they get an Headquarters? Will icicle jr form? What will happen to the pen? All these and more probably next time Smae Star Time (maybe who knows what time or day it will be on) Same Star channel (if you watch it on the cw which is what I’ll be doing).

Also the dedication was great. Very nice moment.

Can’t wait for next season.

P.S. we need more new Stargirl or JSA comics. Something for that JSA fix. With the wait.


That was a good season ender. I can’t wait for a longer season 2. I wonder how Starman survived? The ISA has been gutted. No more Brainwave or Icicle, maybe Dragon King. Intro Shade and maybe Eclipso.

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I really enjoyed this episode. It delivered and wrapped up the story nicely. Overall just a feel-good episode for a feel-good series. Great stuff.

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Was hoping to see Cameron discover his father’s secret identity or at least see how his grandparents explained his death to him. Hopefully we’ll see them again next season!

Also wished the pink pen never came into play. Like Chekhov’s gun, I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see it again next season! :pen:


The episode was awesome! A little too much filler at the end but the 2 cut scenes were great. They need to renew this now!! We still need to find the Thunderbolt. I assume there won’t be any Lanterns around due to the movie and HBO Max series. Maybe Mr. Terrific?


Just realized that the little girl at the beginning was played by Lex Rabe, the same girl who played Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan in Avengers: Endgame!


Just thought of something, what if Sylvester Pemberton is just a doppelganger from another earth?


WAY to much sequel bate. This felt like an episode of MCU post credit scenes.
Captain Midnight is “Dead”
Grundy is lose
Eclipso is in the Crystal
Someone is controlling the media
Theres one member of the injustice society unaccounted for
The Janitor is off looking for the rest of the soldiers
The Principal hasn’t called the emo kids mom
The fate of nearly every injustice member society is left unclear
Doom Patrol had a better ending, if that show doesn’t get a season 3 at least I can sleep easy knowing there all dead and the stories finished. I would have preferred a definitive ending with only one of these scenes. I want the story to be over. If we get a season two, it will feel like season one part two. If that season happens to suck, it now drags down the whole show. I also really hate that Starman is alive, but thats a topic for another day.


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You are definitely right, they said season 2 would cross over with the arrowverse and starman is dead.


I just wonder how and why he would be on earth 2, maybe trying to get away from the Flash leading him (the Flash) to discover earth 2, after all, Stargirl and the Flash are supposed to have a crossover.


Oh my god! That freaking ending!!! Such a good episode. I’m so hyped for season 2 now!!


Me and you both. (Fingers crossed) Just and case I have Harley’s bat ready for a swing lol.