Stargirl S1, E6 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

@GetSnart You can’t really make it out, but the third one is G.I. Robot… I’ll be posting all of the full images on my blog and socials in the next couple days. Prez was probably my favorite… wait til you get a good look at Boss Smiley!


How has no one talked about the fights yet? This is the first time we get to see Courtney really fight in unison with the staff, and it’s INCREDIBLE! And speaking of “in unison,” Sportsmaster and Tigress work so seamlessly together as a team, using each other as weapons and boosts just as much as they use their other abilities. It was an excellent way to highlight the importance of teamwork, especially as a counterpoint to the free-for-All JSA, who where getting their asses handed to them because they weren’t working as a team.

Absolutely incredible, and Walter Garcia’s fight choreography and directing in this scene is amazing.


This was an amazing episode. Everything from the emotional aspect to the fight choreography was awesome.
I like that the ISA dont really like each other. They just kinda tolerate.
Is Icicle Jr. coming next as well. Cameron definitely had some artic breath coming from him.


That fight scene between Stargirl and Sportsmaster/Tigress was incredible. The scene when Courtney was talking to Pat about her team not following her lead made me laugh. Is it wrong to want to try Mike and Barbara’s dinner? Looking forward to seeing how the ISA goes after the new JSA.


So I’m assume we get Artemis as Cheshire and she will later join JSA in hopefully future seasons. Tease of Icicle jr. was great. Can’t wait to see where that’s gonna go.


Mike gonna end up using it right?

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Yeah not the Artemis I’m used to from Young Justice (who I love). This Artemis has 2 parents who are psychotic murderers so that’s going to affect you. Her mom isn’t wheelchair bound or had any epiphany (yet) so we have a mini version of the parents in Artemis. No respect and a short temper.


Maybe Dragon King will be the main villain next season if the rest of the injustice society go down this season.

And I don’t think Sportsmaster is that different, his wife is just still like him and with him so they raised their daughter the same way. I can see YJ Sportsmaster being like this if he had his wife backing him up and his daughter being just like him.


Great episode! The Ke$ha brought me right back to high school.

Can’t wait to see the kids start using their powers- they’ll probably use brainwave’s kid’s power instead. And Cameron has the potential to be Iciclr Jr! If we see Stargirl and society take down the Injustice Society, the kids may take the mantles to get revenge. Artemis can def take over the Tigress/Sportsmaster positions.

Thought it was so funny that Artemis was just like wtf? to her parent’s “date night,” definitely didn’t believe them.


I wonder if Artemis will become a Hero and part of the team. Beth and chuck were funny. It’s sad that Beth didn’t really get to fight she was just running away all the time. Wow :hushed: sportsmaster and tigress are an awesome team they have sick moves. Can’t wait for the next episode this show gets better and better. I can’t believe it’s a arrowverse show it’s so good and I hope it remains good. Hope cow dosent mess it up like what they did to flash


I’m Soooo Loving This Show! Glad To See The Team Realize They Don’t Have It Together. Can’t Wait To See Them Really Train.


best thing about this episode is definitely sportsmaster and tigress together. when it was just sportsmaster in his civilian mode, I thought he would become annoying but the 2 of them together are just fun to watch, both in and out of their supersuits. I kind of hope that they stay as badass as this for the rest of the season but I do know that the whole point of this episode was to point out how unprepared the new JSA are.


He tackled her after about 5 seconds when she was in the in zone. His part was unnecessary that is why she punched him back


Wow! What another fun episode this was! :star_struck:

Definitely was pumped with the intro song and found it really funny that The Gambler likes Timber. :sweat_smile:

The story of Icicle’s wife still hurts and that scene in the diner was just very sad. :pleading_face:

Sportsmaster and Tigress were great working together in being weird for Artemis on going out on a “date night” and fighting the new JSA put together by Courtney. Really fun fight sequences there and shows how they are not to be messed with. Fun to also see the end scene where Pat showed up was the scene that was included during the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s crossover. :sunglasses:

Cool that we’ve gotten the power teases for Brainwave Jr. and now Icicle Jr. Now, will they or will they not join up with their parents if they are taken down is the question. Maybe with how weird Artemis thinks her parents are might have her lean more towards her Young Justice ways. :thinking:

Also, couldn’t help myself from laughing so much during Courtney’s and Pat’s final talk at the end of the episode. :joy:


I’m loving this series! I think it may be the best “DC Original” yet, which is saying a lot, cause everything else has been soo good, I’m looking forward to Doom Patrol and Titans; I wish Swamp Thing had a second season, but this show is hitting all the right beats!


gambler crossed the line when he littered


The Sportsmaster/Tigress fighting combinations were impressive, they reminded me of some of the moves Hawk and Dove did in Titans. Glad to see that Court and Pat appear to be somewhat on the same page now. It’s been a fun series so far!


I really liked how we got to see more of Artemis this episode. She’s very different from the character we see in Young Justice so I’m excited to see if she ends up becoming a hero or a villain.


Same I really hope they don’t mess it up like the flash because that show got so bad after season three