Stargirl Season 2 Going to CW, Reportedly Leaving DC Universe

I saw that as well. I was waiting till I got to platinum before using my Chuck E. Cheese tokens and it was gone. Given the uncertainty of where this service is heading and because my annual will be over this month, it would have been nice to use the tokens for the monthly subscription. It’s a bummer.

Money and Disney. I don’t want to pay for multiple memberships. I am not a Disney fan and if I am forced to reembrace marvel it will leave bad feelings for dc “making” me

I’m not saying only comics would make DCU complete. I mean that if worse comes to worst and the only thing DCU has left is comics, it would have to compete with Marvel Unlimited. That would only happen if HBO Max got every single tv show and movie on here.

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Hey, everybody! We’re the fans, you guys. If fans could save Family Guy from extinction by FOX twice I bet we could save the DCU we know & love. Right?! Maybe? Anybody? We could be heroes!!! (if just for one day…)


Ahhh understood. At that point it would be who has better comics on there digital app available

Agreed, I think the upcoming DC Fandome may be a good place to voice this. I made a post the other day and mentioned this along with a few other topics.

Link Here
On the thread is a link to the DC Fandome sites questionnaire section.


I agree. Hell hath no fury, like a nerd scorned.


I’m in lol, I think the problem is a 2 part. In 1 you have people who are ok with just digital comics and the community being left and in the other you have people who want both the shows and the comics plus the community. Me personally I like watching stuff more than reading, I stopped collecting comics a long time ago and once I heard about this I knew I could come back to it so rather the app not change plus I’m barely starting to get into the whole community aspect and I’m loving it. So we need to make up our mind about what it is we want from this app and unite and let them know. The 2nd problem is that DC is owned by Warner and although Warner has put out good movies and the CW has put out some good shows at the end they need to remember that they’re only a megaphone for our characters and we should have the last say. Instead were starting to loose shows!!! Really I don’t mind sharing them with other streaming services but at the end it’s a DC character.

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Am I the only one who thinks a purely cw star girl will be awful. You only need look at star girl on legends of tomorrow to realize the cw alone doesn’t have the budget or talent to produce something the quality we’ve seen so far.


I am not planning on getting rid of this service anytime soon. I love it. Even if all the live action shows stop being exclusive on here, I still need to watch the animated shows. Once I’m through the animated shows, and read more comics, I might consider deleting. But for now, it’s still great.

When this app came out they showed logos for all the upcoming shows, since then there has been no development on any new series.

Not even a big fan of it, but why is this happening?

i dont think the CW has the budget or the quality control to provide a consistently good quality product. all the shows on DC may have started off a little rocky but you can definitely notice improved stories, character development and special effects. most of the CW shows have potential but they never seem to hit that mark (the closest they get is the annual crossovers) and that is a shame since they are handling a lot of great character properties. i was hoping that HBOMAX would take StarGirl and the TeenTitans as well since there is a possibility it might be handled better than the 22-25 min shows on the CW. i will enjoy this platform as long as it last…but there are a lot of comic reader apps available

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Been meaning to read more JL Dark so would like to see that in video.

I like the comics on here better than comixology or the othe dc app they had.

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Why is Stargirl leaving DCU after One Season why is anyone else not sad :frowning:
At least we should share like we are doing now, unless everyone who is trying to convince me new DCU Originals or this app will still be here, or downgraded to comicbook app.

Plenty are sad now. Plenty have said they are not happy. Although to be fair had it not had the deal it now has with CW not sure we would get a season 2 at all. But plenty are sorry about it.


I feel like the Swamp Thing was bigger I remember that day. I think people are in the acceptance phases around here these days. Like DCU may or may not be around. Maybe I should try it, something will be announce August 22, and boy oh boy am I nervouse for the COMING SOON IN AUGUST POST by DCU soon. It is going to be a super happy post or sad post I just know it lol.

I got over it a while ago, right when I saw the next episode.

It’s posted - Last Chance & Coming Soon: August 2020