STARGIRL Will Shine on DC Universe in Spring 2020

Again, I’m done with this nonsense argument…

How is this nonsense? You’re misconstruing my words and I’m correcting you. You being wrong isn’t “nonsense,” I’m just explaining what I meant. And this is a worthy argument to have, if you seriously believe that staying caught up with the MCU is the same as staying caught up with the CW. I’d really wanna hear how you back that up.

The shows clearly don’t feed off every other show. I really don’t care if you want to watch them or not as it doesn’t affect me in the least. You came across as being bothered by the CW shows relying on each other (which they don’t) to stay caught up. Supergirl has barely talked about the Crisis, Batwoman has not talked about the Crisis at all, Black Lightning has not discussed the Crisis, but reality is Crisis is a huge event that will impact every show, and most fans prefer that to being forced to subscribe and pay for movie tickets to stay up to date with the story. Again, you like what you like, I’ll like what I like. No further need to argue…

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People, people! I think we’re forgetting the important issue here…

What’s S.T.R.I.P.E. gonna look like? Original design or latter-anime mecha design?


I’m just hoping he’s largely a practical effect.

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Thank you for getting back on track :wink:

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I may not be the mod, let us please be more respectful to other people of their opinion. It’s silly to argue on something that hasn’t happened yet.
Can’t wait to see what S.T.R.I.P.E will look like. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Highly unlikely. The point of Crisis is to put EVERYTHING on the same Earth. The DC movies and DCU shows won’t suddenly become part of the Arrowverse after Crisis.

I mean, there’s no real way to prove this either way. But the amount of time and investment it takes to keep up with the MCU and Arrowverse are so vastly far apart. As it stands, it’d take about fifty hours to get caught up with the entire MCU, which is a ridiculous amount of time. On the other hand, it’d take over 200(!) hours to get caught up on the Arrowverse (and that’s just the lower side of the estimate, taking data from 2017. In reality it’s probably at LEAST 250 hours).

Compared to the Arrowverse, getting caught up to the MCU seems like a breeze. One of those is accessible, one of those is not. I’m surprised someone who calls himself a movie addict can’t see that, winkwink.

And, yes, Stargirl being involved in Crisis will leak over into her show, making it not standalone. Obviously if she’s in Crisis, they’re going to be alluding to those events in her show’s very first episode, and people who don’t much care for keeping up with hundreds of hours of television will be a tad alienated.

Like, there’s already SO much going on the CW, which is great for the people who like it. Leave Stargirl out of it, there’s already so much they can do with the characters they ALREADY have.

I take this back. It absolutely can be proved. Look at the sheer difference in number of people who watch the MCU and who watch DC shows and movies. If fans “preferred” the way DC does it, then why isn’t it the more successful?

To be clear, this post is not a disparagement of DC. Obviously I like DC, or else I wouldn’t be here. But I am gonna point out the difference in success levels and audience engagement, which is undeniable.

To be fair, Marvel goes out of their way to make the MCU films 4-quadrant films, films that can be seen by everyone of all ages. DC seems to be focusing on more adult-oriented films, which there is a market for. However, DC was off to a rocky start and is still perfecting their formula, which has led to a tonal inconsistency; Aquaman and Shazam are incredibly brighter in tone compared to the previous films, and Birds of Prey is setting up to be rather gritty as well and The Suicide Squad’s a James Gunn movie, so there’s that.

I agree with all of that. Still, it can’t be said that “most fans” prefer the way DC does it when the numbers show the exact opposite.

I’m really hoping they use the design similar to Star & STRIPE. A full practical suit would be ideal from a visual standpoint. I’m guessing it might be a combo, CGI for things like flying effects, and a partial (maybe torso up suit for closer shots.

How they handle STRIPE is something I do anxiously await to see how they handle it.

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I thought it was obvious that I was discussing the CW shows. That can be proved by the huge rstings the crossovers get and this will get the biggest yet. Also, I said I am done with this argument.

Strictly speaking for shows, comparison is impossible since DCU doesn’t release streaming numbers for the show, not to mention all the international viewers who don’t get accounted either.

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Me too. I wondered how they would pull off Robotman in Doom Patrol and they exceeded my expectations. Here’s hoping Pat’s suit will be amazing!

Hey folks! Just a gentle reminder of Community Guideline # 5: Stay On Topic.

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Thanks and I’m trying…

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Teaser Trailer is here: YouTube

They deleted it lol

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Promo available through this link:

Just scroll down through the article to get to the embedded video.